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No amount of federal money can cure poverty in big cities

... at least in the current way we do it... When federal money comes into cities. It comes to the leaders who then get to decide HOW the money gets spent.

People are poor because they have no money ….. They have no jobs of any consequence because rich folks closed up the factories that used to employ them. The jobs that do remain are mostly service jobs that cannot sustain a family…and to use services, you still have to have money..which they mostly don’t have.

They rent in substandard buildings because those are the only places they can afford. If money goes into rehabbing those buildings (in the form of grants to owners or tax credits), the owners will probably sell the building or raise the rents. It’s called gentrification..and it’s the modern-day “urban renewal”.

The Mom who chased down her son, has 6 kids. And probably has a hard time finding a place big enough for all those kids. Her choices of rentals is very limited. There are many people in her same situation.

The ONLY way that would work would be to set up a minimum income for all poor folks and just give them the money..without strings. Many would probably pool the money and just move to a cheaper place to live.Some might start their own small businesses...Some would not get supplemental jobs, but many would...

If every poor family got a decent subsidy, they would automatically bring up the economy of their community because they would have money to spend. It might also deter the younger folks from risking their lives to sell drugs.

The way our government works, this will never happen though, because we refuse to believe that any of us are complicit in the problem, and the last thing our government wants to do is to pay people who do not “deserve it”. The group think is that people are failures ( i.e.poor) because they do not try hard enough or they did it to themselves.

Poverty is multi-generational because children DO learn what they live. By the time a child is 9 or 10, they pretty much know how their life will be, based on what they see in their family. If they are a poor child (urban or rural) most probably know that their “big job” might be clerking at a store or in an office locally. College is a pipedream for most.

If FREE college was at the end of high school for all poor students with a B average, school might be more appealing, and might break the cycle…but we are pennywise and pound foolish, so we will do nothing…just like we always have done.

Except for cutting assistance, closing schools, and locking people up in jail
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