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How does one evaluate the effectiveness of a military?

WWII was an obvious "success", but it seems to me that it may also be the ONLY real success.

We took on a real foe (two of them at once, actually) and we prevailed.

The true success though, was the absolute unloading of MONEY into the ruined nations after the war.

The wars we have participated in since then have been stalemates, ended with whimpers and loads of debt..(for US)

If one accepts the purist definition of a defense department (we no longer have a war department), we have failed miserably, since the hub of military might (The Pentagon) was hit on Sep 11,2001, apparently by total surprise.

Our other military adventures have had very little to do with defense..OUR defense. We meddle, we gin up jingoistic fervor, we invade (on credit) and then we linger long enough to plant the seeds of future conflict by killing/maiming civilians, and inflicting corrupt leadership on the country which we will eventually leave.

It's a template we cannot seem to scrap.

We have spent TWELVE YEARS (and shitloads of money) trying to "train" a military to carry on after we leave, and apparently this most-warlike-country cannot seem to get a military together.

We don;t hear that much about Iraq these days, but I'd venture a guess that it's pretty much as it was before, except with more of a taste of Iranian "guidance" than before we arrived.

We have the "best" military gadgets/gizmos/equipment that money can buy (more than even the military seems to need/want) ..we have the baddest-of-the-bad military sub-contract killers..we have the most educated generals, and we have a bottomless piggybank to pay for the wars/incursions/whatever we are calling them these days, and yet we cannot prevail.

We fight the wrong wars for the wrong reasons , and we seem to be endlessly surprised when things do not turn out the way we expect.

Afghanistan will be the same with or without us. The only difference is that there will be less killing once we leave. There will still be tribal killing/political killing/Islamic killing, but those have always happened and are happening while we are there. We have changed nothing.

We spent a lot of money, wasted a lot of matériel got a lot of people killed, made a lot of new enemies, and in the end we will have accomplished nothing but perhaps making Bush's toady Karzai a very rich man.

Tori's Curling iron demo (unexpected result)


Ashley Judd's run for office (will she?) will be ugly..count on it.

It's different when an actress runs for office.

Ronald Reagan got some good-natured ribbing over the Bonzo movies he made, but other than being a not-very-good- B actor, that was about the extent of it.

Young women who are starting a career, often HAVE to "bare some skin" in order to get acting jobs, and once it's on film, it's always there and will always haunt them, when they shift to more mainstream/political endeavors.
Young female actors are usually eye-candy and do not carry a film. They are there because they are pretty, sexy and the men who see the film will fantasize about them.

Young male actors are nice to look at too, but they can get their start by being in action films, or as the buddy of the star, and their early work usually is clothed, since the star is the one who is intended to be the one in the limelight.

Scott Brown's playful "nude" picture is not in the same vein, and as a man, was not the issue it would be for a woman doing the exact same thing.

Nudity in movies is usually tied into sex scenes, which are acting, but are intended to be titillating.

Even as a woman ages and becomes less "starlet-y", her early work lives on and she is constantly compared to what she "used to look like".

I have no doubt that Ashley Judd would be a better senator than the chinless-wonder has ever been, and I hope she can weather the storm that is sure to come her way.. Look at the dirt they have already dished just in case she runs..

A moneysaving tip from a friend

She is caring for her 84 year old grandmother and was going broke buying incontinence items.

She found some store brand newborn diapers in a markdown bin and "customized" them.. Half the price, thinner, leak-proof.. Granny approved !

All she did was to strip out the elastic, so they laid flat

She paid $8.00 for 45 vs $13-something for the adult versions (12-20 to a package).. I had no idea those things were so expensive

How to help the defense dept save big bucks? end the Afghanistan war a year early

Start bringing them home NOW.. The "fighting season" is about to start there, so why waste more bloodmoney & lives for another futile year.

What will be different a year from now?


Afghanistan has been in a perpetual state of civil war since ....well forever.

Nothing we do or what any other country has tried to do has made much difference.

Until they decide as a group to civilize their country, no one can help them.

For a brief time in the 50's & 60's there was a glimmer of hope that the place would join modernity, but that breath of new life was squashed like a bug on a windshield..

It's apparent that they (as a society) prefer warlord rule.

Second Language-Second Life

Want Low Income Kids Ready for the Global Workforce? Teach Them a Second Language


The low percentage of passport holders in America is always a conversation among the intelligentsia. Passports, they proclaim, are critical to knowing and seeing the world around us. I couldn't agree more. After reading statistics about the low percentage of minority students who studied abroad I made it my personal mission to encourage more students to travel and to learn world languages. With this mission in mind in 2009 I founded Global Language Project, an educational nonprofit that works with underserved elementary schools to launch language and culture programs. We currently serve over 800 New York City students teaching Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish.

My work with Global Language Project has given me a look into the world of those families in Harlem, Brooklyn, and other parts of Manhattan who don't have passports—many times because of economic reasons. These are families who can't think about traveling because they are focused on where they will live and what they will eat. My guiding question is how do we, as global citizens and social entrepreneurs invested in the public good, make sure that these adults and their children still reap the benefits afforded by an increasingly globalized economy that on the one hand, connects everyone together, but also makes access to resources more difficult.

The passport can be a tool for our work. Students entering our program receive a GLP Passport on day one. It symbolizes that they have begun their journey to becoming a world citizen. They receive stamps for various achievements throughout the year. While the passport seems like a simple document, to the children and parents who come from challenging backgrounds and where future prospects seem bleak, it begins to symbolize hope—for them a passport represents opportunities. It is a symbol of their place within the world as a global citizen.

At Global Language Project our goal in equipping underserved students with fluency in a second language opens a door to new cultures and ways of life—we often say a second language is a second life. This is also what a passport represents—it is literally a key to unlocking another culture, another language and another way of living. Often in public schools, we have observed that world culture and language learning is siphoned off into its own category, which leaves students and educators perplexed as to why achieving language proficiency becomes such a challenging process or why many American students don’t have the desire to travel and study abroad. GLP believes that fluency in two world languages and travel are the means to achieving professional, educational, social, community, and personal development for students and for people in general.


Ann Romney is right.. the media is to blame

She just does not accept the fact that it's FOX that blew it for them.

Romney faced NO questions from media that ever challenged him. They were mollycoddled by Fox and treated to softball interview after softball interview, and believed the Fauxed up polls that showed him winning.

Queen Ann needs some mental health help soon, because the bitterness and denial is not going to help her stay healthy.. even a new dancing horse may not be enough to set her straight..
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