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I explained to a friend earlier, who is skeptical about Bernie's candidacy...

It is extremely rare to encounter, and have the opportunity to vote for, a candidate of the quality of Bernie Sanders. The last for me was George McGovern, and I am always happy I had the chance to vote for him.

My friend said he likes Bernie for president, then said Bernie is "too radical, and radicals are unelectable." So I talked about radicals like TR, (busted monopolies) and FDR, (socialized retirement) and (wait for it) ... Reagan! Voodoo economics! Old folks will remember that a Reagan candidacy was ridiculed in the 70s, and as heir apparent to Barry Goldwater, he was called "extremist."

I explained how the demographics puts the presidency well within the reach of whoever is the Dem nominee. In a dynamic, chaotic system, like a society, outcomes are not predictable.

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