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Le Taz Hot

Le Taz Hot's Journal
Le Taz Hot's Journal
July 1, 2015

So, a guy who knows I lean on the progressive side, walks up to me

and starts spewing that Nader, backed by progressives, lost the 2000 election for the Democrats, that progressives have never done anything to advance the cause of Democrats, that they're always whining and wanting ponies and stuff and ended with asking me if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, would I vote for her.

At first I was a little taken aback and, being the reactionary that I have a tendency to be, ALMOST started to fire back and correct his misinformation but then I stopped. Why was this gentleman being so in-your-face aggressive? Can't he make his point without the aggression? And then, let's say, he calls a group of people over, many of whom he knows, informs them of how disloyal I am to The Party and the group then begins to cajole me and needle me and try to get me to react. Maybe to even run me off for good. And then it came to me. He's TRYING to get me to over-react. He's trying to get me to say something in the heat of the moment that can then be selectively and adequately spinned to make it sound like I'm the aggressor. So, I chose not to play his game and, instead, commented on what a lovely day it was and I hope we see rain soon.

June 26, 2015

"What Happened, Miss Simone?"

Brand new documentary about Nina Simone on Netflix. Outstanding!

June 26, 2015

WE have to be Bernie's 50-State Strategy

The Sanders campaign is overwhelmed by the enormous response they've received from a public tired of the same old bought-and-paid-for politicians. They're so overwhelmed they've had no time to contact volunteers or have enough t-shirts made to meet the demands. These are actually outstanding developments, if unforeseen. So, if the campaign doesn't have the time, the money, or the staff to organize us, WE need to organize ourselves. This won't be news to Bernie supporters who already have feet on the ground for Bernie via groups such as Progressive Democrats of America, Meet Ups, blogs, message boards, social media, etc. But what do you say we carry this further, literally? While we're organizing locally how about we ensure we're in contact and coordinate with other groups within our respective states? Effectively implemented, we could establish intra- and inter-state networks equal to anything the Big Boys can buy. So WHEN the primaries come to our respective states, we're ready with the army Bernie is going to need to defeat the Masters of the Universe.

Anyone else interested in brainstorming on this?

June 26, 2015

Re: Trump.

Are you aware that he just declared but did not file? I mean, this couldn't possibly be a publicity stunt by Mr. LOOK-AT-ME, now, could it? Look, if Caribou Barbie taught us anything it's that there's a lot of money to be made running for president. Most of these guys are in it for the money or the publicity or both and most know they haven't a prayer for the nomination. I wouldn't worry about Trump being #2 because, despite the media falling all over themselves over him, this isn't a real run.

ETA: I was just informed that he did file 3 days ago.

June 24, 2015

So, here's the latest ploy:

"You have be a registered Democrat in order to vote for Bernie in the primaries."

No. You have to check your state's rules and the Democratic party's rules within that state. California, for example, is an open primary state. It's how we sometimes end up with two Democrats or two Republicans on the ballot. When I went to the Bernie thing here weekend before last one of the local Party Faithfuls announced that, a) California has a closed primary (it doesn't) and b) if you want to vote for Bernie in the primaries you have to register as a Democrat (incorrect for California).

I bring this up because Bernie has to be able to, and can, win over moderate Republicans, Independents and yes, even teaklanners who will chafe at being forced to re-register. If it's a closed primary state it's a moot point but I'm saying be sure you know the primary rules in your state in order to give accurate information to people you're trying to win over.

June 18, 2015

A Letter from Bernie Sanders:

Dear ______ -

What transpired in Charleston, South Carolina, last night was not just a tragedy, it was an act of terror.

Nine of our fellow Americans were murdered while praying in a historic church because of the color of their skin. This senseless violence fills me with outrage, disgust, and a deep, deep sadness.

This hateful killing is a horrific reminder that, while we have made important progress in civil rights for all of our people, we are far from eradicating racism.

The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church is one that has been attacked, burned, and rebuilt throughout its 200-year history. While their community mourns now, they will rebuild, and they will emerge stronger than before.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and their congregation. But we can add our actions to our prayers. The families and the community that have been hurt so very badly by this brutality need our help. Let us stand with them in their time of mourning.

You can help by making a donation to the http://www.emanuelamechurch.org/ community today.

Thank you,

Bernie Sanders

June 13, 2015

Just got back from a Bernie get-together

in Central California. It was held at the Democratic Headquarters with mostly PDA people there. Not a Blue Dog in sight. They are organizing EARLY and they're talking about caravanning out to one of the early primary states like Nevada and working the Bernie campaign there. The early primary states are EVERYTHING in this rigged farce of a primary election so it's going to be essential for Bernie to do well there. If he can do well the 50-state-strategy is ready to go and he'll be viable to California (June) and beyond.

And, btw, thank you, reddred for the heads up. I hadn't even heard about this until he/she told me about it this morning.

Of course, I signed up to volunteer to do it all and am looking forward to again being able to work for a REAL candidate as I refuse to work/vote for some bobble head up there telling me I should, "Vote for me because I'm not as bad as the other guy."

I have pictures but I'm too tired to upload them at the moment. It's like 104 degrees out there and I'm flippin' hot!

It was fun hooking up with some local Bernie supporters. Bernie bounce!

ETA: There were probably only about 30 to 40 people there but this is the conservative Central Valley, it was 104 flippin' degrees and this was very last minute so all in all it was a very good turn out. I'm more excited about WHO showed up and that was the activists. There's the core of your grass roots right there.

June 13, 2015

Can I just say

how good it is to find there is a Berne Group? I need to bone up on All Things Bernie before next year as I plan on doing a LOT of canvassing and fundraisers and house parties. Goddess help me I may actually have to become a Democrat again but only in order to use the local Democratic Party headquarters as a base of operations. They won't know what hit 'em. LOL!

June 12, 2015

OK, Bitches. I'm Back!

(As Skinner reaches for his Xanax.)

I've taken a break for 6 months, tried other sites and found out they were just as sucky as this one. Who knew? I'm goin' with the devil I know as opposed to the devil I don't.

So, Bernie Sanders declared. Yay! A REAL Democrat. And he's gaining the Big Mo!

And there's Hillary, hiding in her bunker keeping strangely silent about the TPP (except to say it is the "gold standard" of trade agreements while she was SOS). Such a leader! (Not!)

And for the people who gave me Valentine's hearts in February, thank you, my lovelies!

Hugs and kisses and let the flame wars begin!:

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