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Le Taz Hot

Le Taz Hot's Journal
Le Taz Hot's Journal
December 28, 2012

No Cost/Low Cost Medications Available

For those who are low income (too many of us), I just wanted to make sure you know about Patient Assistant Programs. These are programs designed to help with obtaining medications either free or at a significant discount direct from the manufacturer.

My doctor told me about it when I told her I couldn't afford the Advair she prescribed (discs are almost $300.00 which lasts less than a month). I went to their website, found the Patient Assistant Program information (it was well buried) and followed the instructions. Basically, all I had to do was fill out an online form, get an original prescription from my doctor for a 3-month supply with 3 refills (one years' worth of meds), and proof of income, either in the form of last years' tax return or a statement of income for the last complete month. I faxed everything in to them and 2 weeks later I received my first three months of Advair. That's $900.00 worth of meds and I'll receive 3 more of these packets for a total of $3600 in savings on medication I would never be able to afford.

This may or may not be common knowledge but, just in case you or someone you know is having problems obtaining medication, this might be the solution.


December 26, 2012

The West Wing now on Netflix

Funny because I just did a search for this less than a week ago and it wasn't there. As of today, there it was in my "New Releases."

December 22, 2012

Recommending "Breaking the Mayan Code"

No, it has nothing to do with the 2012 end-of-the-world stuff. It's a documentary and really well put together. Tells the history of the Mayans, the history of how the code was interpreted, misinterpreted, then re-interpreted. If you're not into nerdy documentaries this probably won't interest you but I found it fascinating.

December 19, 2012

GMO Labeling Efforts Expand to 34 states.

Most of you know that California's Prop. 37 failed (label GMO's). They just flat out outspent us $50 million to about $6 million. Our Volunteer Leaders continue to meet, organize and continue their activities. I just received an e-mail from our local leader and I wanted to copy a portion of it that I thought was highly encouraging:

First please know, that the message that came through over and over is that we were very successful with our efforts. The US has awakened and 34 states have now come together to form a coalition to move labeling forward. Washington state is now gathering signatures for a 2013 ballot. They have a very good chance of being successful because farmers there want it, as does the salmon fishing industry. We are sharing with them what we learned to help them be successful with their efforts. Watch for info regarding their efforts on the web and support them in any way that you are able.

Europe is also excited about what we accomplished. And doors to communicating have opened. They have been waiting for the US to "wake up" to GMOs. There has been an industry effort to stymie communication between the US and Europe. We are joining hands across the sea.

So, the fight isn't over and could very well be coming to your state. If you're at all interested in the subject or maybe taking up the fight yourself you can visit this website: http://gmoinside.org/


December 14, 2012

Mother of the Shooter Among the Dead

as per CNN. They're saying she was a teacher at the school. Great. Mommy issues?

December 13, 2012

Feds auction prime Calif. land for oil development

Source: Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The Bureau of Land Management is auctioning off nearly 18,000 acres of oil leases on prime public lands in central California, home to one of the largest deposits of shale oil in the country.

Agency spokesman David Christy says eight different groups - including oil companies - bid for the 15 parcels of land up for auction Wednesday in rural stretches of Monterey, San Benito and Fresno counties. The agency plans to announce the winners within 24 hours.

Numerous environmental groups, including the Center for Biological Diversity, protested outside the auction in Sacramento. The land up for grabs is also home to prized vineyards and several endangered species.

Democratic Rep. Sam Farr had asked the agency to put the auction on hold over concerns that the bureau wasn't doing enough to monitor the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing.

Read more: http://www.sacandco.net/news/article/220837/2/Feds-auction-prime-Calif-land-for-oil-development

Seems California is the next target for envirocide in search of oil profits. I'm predicting a serious backlash in the not-too-far future. This is, after all, California. Way too many environmentalists here to let this go unchallenged. I'll sure as hell be there.
December 9, 2012

The Problem with Our Current Primary System

A common argument by Centrist Dems on this board is that, if progressives want more representation, then progressives need run for office. Sounds logical on paper but in practice, the decks are stacked against anyone other than who the Party Bosses have already pre-selected.

My first clue to how all this works was in the 2003/2004 Presidential primaries in California. At the time, I was an enthusiastic and active supporter of Howard Dean. I also live in a purple section of California which is relevant to the subject. Let’s just say the state and national Democratic Parties can only find us using Google Maps. They certainly don’t EVER come to our neck of the woods. When Dean was getting HUGE, and I mean HUGE support all over the state (I know, I was all over the state campaigning) and Kerry was getting almost none, all of a sudden the Party Bosses, State and National, descended upon us. They wanted to know WHY Dean was so popular, what could “we” do to get more people to support Kerry (who had just voted “yes” on the IWR), etc. Iow, they were INTERVENING in what should have been a party-neutral activity. Later on, there was an ad in the early primary states comparing Dean with Osama bin Laden that did NOT come from the Republican party. Then, miraculously, there was a uni-directional mike on Dean which picked up ONLY Dean and NOT the audience, then played it on a loop over and over and over again and labeled it the “Dean Scream.” Wonder how that happened?

The other problem, of course, is that primaries are held in such as way as to give disproportional representation to the early primary states and often establishing candidates before the rest of the country even gets a chance to vote. The system was purposely set up so the parties could establish a candidate early on in order to prepare for the General Election. In other words, the system was set up for expediency sake and not for the sake of the electorate and a true Democratic process.

IF the primary process were to run UNIMPEEDED by the Democratic Party, AND, all primaries were held on the same day, all other things being equal, the primaries would absolutely be a legitimate solution to get more progressives elected. As it stands though, the deck is stacked against any candidate who chooses to run outside of the Party ideology leaving us with the milquetoast “centrists” candidates/representatives who will go along with the Party, no matter how badly the poor and middle class are decimated.

If we want change, I believe we need to start by changing the current primary process.

December 9, 2012

Need a Good, Basic, Rice Pilaf recipe.

I've looked up dozens on the intertubes but none sound like just basic rice pilaf. One recipe calls for orange rind?????. I know it's basically rice, broken up pasta, and chicken stock but I don't know what else, the proportions nor the technique. I like making a Mediterranean meal a couple times a month and I always end up buying the packaged rice with the flavor packet in it. I'm kind of a stickler about making things from scratch so I can control the ingredients so I'd like to get away from the pre-packaged stuff if I can.

Anyone with a tried and true pilaf that wouldn't mind sharing?



December 2, 2012

Anyone else putting people on Ignore in record numbers?

In the last week I've put more people on Ignore than I have in all the time I've been on DU. These threads on rape and sexual harassment have REALLY brought out some abhorrent threads/posts. Defending misogyny, qualifying rape, making jokes about it -- I'm not easily shocked but for the last few days I've sat here with my mouth open not believing what I'm reading on a so-called progressive board. This is the kind of shit you'd expect in a frat house or locker room, but on DU???

Jesus, if this is the way so-called "progressives" think, what the hell chance do women have in ANY society in terms of changing antiquated mores? I'm beyond disgusted.

November 15, 2012

The Democrats Need to Stop Avoiding Rural Areas.

Go talk to the PEOPLE. But don't do it in a condescending, "we're going to teach you people how to vote" kind of thing. Go in and LISTEN to their concerns. Establish a presence in rural areas. Be a source of information and support. Most rural residents are long-time residents and that means for generations. If the Democrats are seen as just regular people and not the three-headed monster Faux Nooz and the Republican Party (who have a long presence in rural areas) you'll go a long way toward earning their trust and, ultimately, their ear. And for goddess sake lose terminology like "hicks," "hayseeds" and "hillbillies." Believe it or not, for the most part, these are good people who would do anything in the world for a person in need. It's important to remember that. If the Democrats are going to grow their numbers, they need to stop avoiding (and condescending to) rural residents.

Just my two cents.

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