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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,271

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No, polygamy isn't rape. THIS is rape.

When someone you've known for 6 years, known his wife, babysat his kids comes to your door, you open it and invite him in because you have absolutely no reason not to. Tells you his motorcycle broke down, it's cold, and can he have a cup of coffee? "No problem, let me make a pot."

Having no idea he's been on a crank bender for 3 days (though he did look like he'd been rode hard and put away wet) you sit down and start talking with him and he says he's tired, could he lay down for a few minutes? "Sure!" you say and you go into the bedroom to start making up the bed when all of a sudden this person you've known for 6 years comes up behind you with a razor blade to your throat and says, "Lay down and take off your clothes." So you comply because you want to live. You're thinking, "I can live through a rape but if he starts cutting on me I'm done." He's 6'4 and easily 250 lbs., you're 5'0" and 97 lbs. You know damned well who is going to win that power struggle. So you comply. He does whatever his sick mind leads him to do. You start crying, it sets him off and the razor blade gets closer to your throat so you clam up.

At some point he comes out of his crack stupor for a second, realizes what he's done and starts crying. Wants you to hold him. Will you tell me you love me? "Sure," you say, "I love you." Will you kiss me? "Sure, I'll kiss you and this can just be between you and me. I won't tell anyone." You eventually get him up, out of the room but know you can't reach the door in time to get out. So you stay, chatting, when eventually he confesses that his motorcycle didn't really break down, its just up the street and will you drive him to it? "Sure" you say, just wanting to get the hell out of the door. When you open the door and start walking out the door, you start running. And running and running until you hit a neighbor's house and call the police.

The police show up, take your story and he is arrested the next day. Month after month goes by and FINALLY trial gets here, here pleads guilty and gets sentenced to 1 year in a drug rehab facility. Gets out and less than a year later does the same thing to another woman but this time he uses his fists. He beats her, rapes her, she has a broken jaw and cracked ribs. She was in the hospital for weeks.

He died in prison. And I left out the part where the wife calls you and asks you why you are doing this to her and her children. Please don't press charges. I also left out the part where he threatened my life IN FRONT OF THE JUDGE and he had to be shackled.

Now, I say all of that because there are some major assbites on this board comparing polygamy to rape. I just wanted to give you the semi-graphic details on what rape looks like. Polygamy isn't it.

P.S. No condolences, please. It was 40 years ago and I'm alive, well, and happy and he's rotting in a grave. But just know every time you post some bullshit comparing anything to rape, it triggers every rape victim on DU. So, JUST FUCKING STOP IT!

For any Central California Dwellers.

Last night at the Steering Committee meeting we established a monthly Bernie Sanders Meeting on the 2nd Monday of every month beginning August 10, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the Fresno Democratic Party Headquarters on U Street.

I know there's probably not many of you here and I did cross-post it in the California group but I wanted to get as much coverage as possible.

We're starting to organize and we'll be tabling soon so we need all the donations/volunteers that we can lay our hands on.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


New Bernie Sanders Group Now Meeting in Fresno

on the 2nd Monday of every month beginning August 10.

Democratic Party Headquarters on U Street (just north of Tulare Ave.) from 5:30 to 7:00. All are welcome. PM me if you have any questions.

Don't Feed the Beast.

I put up a dry-witted (some would say dim-witted) post yesterday which was SUPPOSED to be satire, allegory, whatever you want to call it, but not enough people "got it" and took me literally. When your readers can't understand what you're trying to say the fault lies on the part of the writer so, mea culpa. Just for reference, here's the thread:


The POINT of the thread was that some of these people are trying their damnedest to goad progressives into losing it in a post; flying off the handle, over-reacting. Then, between selective editing/interpretation and enough of The Borg on the jury, wham! You get a hide. Four more of those and you disappear for awhile.

The point I was trying to make is, don't engage them. They're posting so much shit they could fertilize every farm in the country.

But that's just it. It's shit. It's not worth your or my time to engage because that is exactly what they want you to do. Don't let them control the narrative. Every time they come out with bullshit about Bernie or the progressives or the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party post a separate thread, with facts and links to back up whatever it is that you're asserting, and let the thread do what it will.

Nes pas?

Edited to take out reference to another candidate.

Here's a link to the Bernie Sanders Group here on DU.

For those who were not aware of or could not find the Bernie Sanders Group, here's the link. Come join us!


A link to a live feed of Bernie Sanders speaking to 10,000 people in Madison, WI today

And thanks to Sabrina for this:


So, a guy who knows I lean on the progressive side, walks up to me

and starts spewing that Nader, backed by progressives, lost the 2000 election for the Democrats, that progressives have never done anything to advance the cause of Democrats, that they're always whining and wanting ponies and stuff and ended with asking me if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, would I vote for her.

At first I was a little taken aback and, being the reactionary that I have a tendency to be, ALMOST started to fire back and correct his misinformation but then I stopped. Why was this gentleman being so in-your-face aggressive? Can't he make his point without the aggression? And then, let's say, he calls a group of people over, many of whom he knows, informs them of how disloyal I am to The Party and the group then begins to cajole me and needle me and try to get me to react. Maybe to even run me off for good. And then it came to me. He's TRYING to get me to over-react. He's trying to get me to say something in the heat of the moment that can then be selectively and adequately spinned to make it sound like I'm the aggressor. So, I chose not to play his game and, instead, commented on what a lovely day it was and I hope we see rain soon.
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