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Walmart's 'Worst Nightmare' (WinCo) Coming to Texas

DailyKos 8/9/13
Walmart's 'Worst Nightmare' Competition Has Cashiers And Produce Clerks With $1 Million Pensions

WinCo -- a low-cost grocery store chain from Idaho -- is being described as Walmart's 'worst nightmare' in a recent Time Article:

WinCo destroys the Walmart-inspired myth -- well, Trader Joe's and Costco do this as well -- that low prices necessarily mean low labor standards.

And, guess what, WinCo is coming to the state so big it's like a whole other country: Texas.

While WinCo does keep its business quiet, we do know one thing: The company is in the process of expanding to new states, with two locations opening in north Texas next year, for example. Flickinger anticipates rapid growth in the near future, with WinCo doubling in size every five to seven years going forward.

Be afraid, Walmart, be afraid. Karma, you know, is, well...

I do hope they succeed big time and drive Walmart to the ground. Basic food staples without big box disposable crap! And even better jobs for employees!
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