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I wanted to scream at the idiots mad about barricades. Then I got a better idea

Saw an ad for the march on the war memorial and it pissed me off mightily. Seeing the near riot they apparently engaged in did not help my mood.

With the shut down food programs have been shut down. Even before the shut down millions were being thrown off food stamps.

And barricades around a monument when there's no one to work there bothers these guys? Crap, most of them WANTED a shut down and now that's it's here they can't seem to grasp this a natural consequence of a government shut down.

But screaming, as much as i might enjoy it for the moment, accomplishes nothing.

So the first free day off of work I am going to go down to the local food bank and donate. I know it wont' make even a slight dent in the millions who will going without food but it will still do a hell of a lot more good then anything these a-holes are doing.

I encourage others to do so as much as your budget allows.

Hell, maybe we should start having counter protests to these self absorbed tea baggers where we collect food.

If we are going to be angry we should use it for something.
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