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Florida early voting reduced to 10/24 - 10/31 - be aware they want to prevent us from voting!

DeathSentence is at it again! The fuckstick has reduced early voting to 1 wee! It started off being 3 weeks over a decade ago, Scott reduced it to 2 years several years ago and now this year DS has it down to 1 fucking week, 10/24 - 10/31. There were 3 weeks of early voting for the primary but only 1 for the general - why is that? Just more repug Democratic voter suppression in action. What else are they going to do to stop us from voting? Be aware folks and ready to fight back.

Later - Sorry, after I got the above information from the FL state website, my husband notified me that counties can add extra days, so in Duval it starts 10/19 - still not nearly as early as we had before. Figures that a FL govt website wouldn't include this important information, god forbid they were above board. I'm sure the information was there somewhere, but it was not on the Early Voting for 2020 page. SMH

How to make a face mask without sewing. Now that masks are recommended, here's this -


Gives different methods for making masks given that first responders need all the manufactured masks they can get. I'm going shopping for cat food in a few and will wear the scarf since I don't have the materials needed. I will still do my best to stay 6 ft away from anyone, but it's hard in the aisles which are only 3 ft apart.
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