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David Zephyr

David Zephyr's Journal
David Zephyr's Journal
February 4, 2014

It's Not Too Early for Me: Hillary for President 2016

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Anyone here during the 2008 primary campaign knows how I enthusiastically supported Barack Obama. I remember just how wounding that time was, especially here at the DU. Six years later, President Obama has accomplished so much more than he is credited for in the media or even by the Left. Let me be clear: He saved this nation (and the world) from sliding into a deep economic depression akin to that of the 1930's. That economic meltdown was really that bad. And with no help from the Republicans and against a rabid, racially-rooted and seething hatred against this President, he worked optimistically -- even with so many unprecedented limitations to his Presidency -- to put our country on a much better road economically, to restore our broken relations with the rest of the world, to end two wars that were never necessary, to further civil rights and economic opportunity and fairness within our land. And he's still at it today with his never-failing smile and good nature. I can only wonder what could have been if he'd had any cooperation from Congress and what more he could have achieved. Keep this in mind: undoing bad is also doing good. It may not make a lot of headlines, but make no mistake about this: President Obama has undone a lot of bad.

PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON: There is no one alive within the United States more qualified now to be the next President of the United States than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Period. In hindsight, it will turn out to be a blessing that America had to wait for Hillary because we will have a long stretch of sixteen years of Obama/Clinton leadership in the White House. Like with Roosevelt. Sixteen years to turn back the termite-like destruction from twelve years of Reagan-Bush capped off with eight later years of Bush/Cheney. Sixteen years! You bet I want those sixteen years.

I have no need whatsoever to now try to find a candidate more left-wing like myself to suit my own politics in a 2016 primary. It's like the saying, don't punish the good for the perfect except Hillary Clinton is as close to a perfect choice for the times there is. So, yes, I already have my choice and it's with a woman I trust to be at the helm of this country. Hillary Clinton will be a great President. She's an inspiration, not to millions, but to billions around the world. Her destiny is calling. She's prepared her entire life for this moment and that moment has come...when it serves the country and world better than it would have in 2008. Eight plus eight is sixteen. And I'm glad to see she's being cautious now because I don't want anything to mess with that destiny.

We need those sixteen years just as the American people needed those sixteen years with FDR and Eleanor.

Will you help me make it possible for President Obama to stand alongside our next President Hillary Clinton in January 2017 at the Inauguration with Michelle and Bill standing there with them? It's not too early at all. Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.

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