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David Zephyr

David Zephyr's Journal
David Zephyr's Journal
February 19, 2013

Maybe Christian Mingle Thought Richard Mourdock Was "God's Match for You"

Click Photo of Sexy Person for God's Match: Why would anyone think "God" would hook you up with a personally-chosen flesh-squeeze from a commercial web-site? Apparently, many do think just that and pay for it. And rape, it seems, may be one of the surprise options that comes if one engages in business (and yes, it is a business) with Christian Mingle or so the Los Angeles Times has reported.

CyberJesus: Christian Mingle -- appropriately headquartered in Beverly Hill$, California, right close to Rodeo Boulevard (I mean, would God have it any other way? -- either 1.) had their celestial wires crossed in hooking up their clients with a rapist or, 2.) they consider the rape of their clients as "God's match" , or 3.) the business is actually not really hooking people up with a hand-selected (by God) sex partner, but is just another participant in a long line of American hucksters who have made bucks by fleecing believers.

Now, I do understand that even suggesting the third option is near sacrlidge, but just the same, I'll choose Curtain Three for $500.

Dick Murdock of Indiana: Actually, when you think about it, Richard Mourdock, was a real Christian Mingle kind of guy, wasn't he? You all remember Dick Mourdock (Dick Dock) don't you? You know, that guy who told us all with a straight face that the rape of a girl or woman was "God's intention". Dick apparently thought he was also "God's match for you" if you happened to live in the State of Indiana where he almost was elected as a U.S. Senator. I guess a lot of people there are Christian Minglers.

Mike Huckabee, Baptist Preacher, Politican, Television Star, Bass Guitarist of Arkansas: In many ways, the Republican Party is a larger ChristianMingle. I mean, Fox News has that gas bag fraud, Mike Huckabee, as one of their top pitch men for their advertisers. For some reason, his audience resembles the zombies I saw in church back when I was a little redneck kid growing up in the Bible Belt.

Of course, we didn't call our church back then "ChristianMingle", we just called it church. But I did later learn from my mother that there had indeed been a lot of Christian "mingling" going on even way back then in the 1950's, but it was more dignified, it wasn't done on the internet.

My Old Preacher: Christian Mingle! It has a real ring to it, doesn't it? I bet my old preacher (now long dead and mingling with just worms in his casket) would have liked that catchy name: Christian Mingle. He could have gone far with that one.

The story linked below is from today's Los Angeles Times and I must say, it bothers me on sooo many dimensions.

Police in the San Diego suburb of La Mesa are investigating whether a 37-year-old man charged with raping a woman he met on the ChristianMingle website may have victimized other women he met on the dating website.

Sean Banks of Del Mar is charged with rape, burglary and penetration by force involving a woman in La Mesa, according to court records. He was arrested Feb. 11 and has pleaded not guilty.

Banks, a computer technician, worked in various locations across the United States. Police said they are investigating whether he may have lured other victims through ChristianMingle and other websites, possibly using pseudonyms, including Rylan Butterwood and Rylan Harbough.

February 6, 2013

President Obama is the Best President in My Lifetime.

I don't post here much anymore, but I do visit a lot. I've been here since early 2001 -- in our darkest days -- and I just want to say to all of you who have worked so hard, posted with such fury and wisdom, and who have put their hearts, sweat, money and time on the line all these years should be proud of themselves. Stand back and take a little of it all in. It is majestic. We've won a lot back that we had lost. I thank you for it all.

And I also want to say that, in my own eyes, President Barack Obama is now the best American President of my life time (and I am a very old and progressive activist Democrat). Of course, he is not a perfect man, but he is a really good man. And a historic President on so many dimensions.

Better than John Kennedy? Better than Lyndon Johnson? Better than Jimmy Carter? Better than Bill Clinton? Yes.

While JFK has always been my gold standard up until now, I can with confidence say that America has never been in better hands than it is today.

What's even better?

I know that the best from this man, Barack Obama, is yet to come. Just watch. And be proud.

Put him and FDR on Mount Rushmore.

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