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David Zephyr

David Zephyr's Journal
David Zephyr's Journal
September 25, 2012

Please Remember. Republicans Steal Elections.

There's no doubt whatsoever that President Obama has the favor of the American People. The polls clearly are encouraging and hopeful across the spectrum. But we can not take anything for granted and I know that just as the GOP has stolen national elections before, they are not going to suddenly have a change of heart in 2012.

I am very concerned about the complete lack of campaigning in public by Mitt Romney. I humbly submit that others also should be concerned. I have never seen anything like it in all my years. He's behind in the polls and disappears? What does he know that we don't?

While some might read this recent Romney disappearing act as the manner of a wealthy man, and while others are saying he's a bit lazy or that he's not comfortable at campaigning in public , I am not so sure myself. I also do not buy into the fact that he took a full week off to practice debating so far before the debates.

So what's my worry. It could also be that the Corporate CEO is confident about the outcome in November already. Not the voting outcome, but the "outcome". After all, his party steals elections. It's in their DNA. Indeed, it's one of the GOP's most cherished traditions.

From Pennsylvania and Ohio to Texas and Florida, the purging of voter rolls has been going on quietly, but like a machine for over a year. Voter I.D. requirements were successfully mandated by state houses across the nation after President Obama was inaugurated. Like termites at work, the GOP and its accomplices are busy with their skulduggery doing everything in their capacity (legally or not) to make sure that the outcome tally of electoral votes is to their liking regardless of the national or state by state popular votes.

Long before a single vote had been cast in Florida in 2000, the voter rolls had been quietly purged by a Bush friendly company in Texas, the butterfly ballots had been diabolically designed, printed and the ink was dry. And George W. Bush stole the election.

The rigged election of 2004 never merited much of the media's attention as did that of 2000. Perhaps Americans were weary, but none other than Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and others have shown that what happened that November night in Ohio was the theft of the Presidency...again.

While I will go to my grave convinced that the election of 1960 was stolen in 1963 and that the election of 1980 was stolen in October of 1979, I will not go "there", but I will continue here with what there is no arguing.

After Bill Clinton was helped by the wild card candidacy of Ross Perot who took 19% of the vote in November 1992, the GOP was busy at work to make sure they had a fall-back position in 1996. The right-wing had tapped their tobacco lawyer, Ken Starr (already a friend of the court in the Paula Jones case) and had him ready to replace an existing Independent Counsel. Starr wasted no time in morphing his investigation of a real estate deal in Arkansas eons before (Whitewater) right back into...the Paula Jones case he'd been involved with earlier. As Gomer Pyle would say, "Surprise, Surprise". Their goal? The impeachment (the GOP succeeded in the House of Representatives) and the removal (they failed in the Senate) of President Clinton...in other words to overturn the election of 1996 and it was already in process before that election.

Past is prologue.

Why has Mitt Romney, behind in the polls, skipped an entire week from the campaign trail just before an election when history and common sense says he should be out there pressing the flesh instead of meeting privately with donors?

Why? Because once again they intend to steal the election for the same reason the scorpion stung the frog. It's their nature.

While the media is focused on the upcoming debates and the onslaught of television advertising and fact checking and talking heads on television...the termites are chewing away 24/7 at the upcoming election.

May God bless President Obama. And may we all help get out the vote.

And may Attorney General Eric Holder please do his part now to make certain that the American voter is not deprived of their voice this November.

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