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David Zephyr

David Zephyr's Journal
David Zephyr's Journal
November 6, 2012

To Any Republican Lurker: Your Party Hates America.

And your party, your candidates and your "media cult" have proven just how un-American you are as you

- try to steal elections
- try to suppress the vote
- make old people stand in lines over night to cast a ballot
- undermine the the democratic process
- mock the sacrifice of our nation's troops by sabotaging the electoral process
- systematically "purge" American voters by race or last names or gender
- destroy public education
- whip up xenophobia against immigrants
- pick on the poor and unprivileged
- close down polling stations
- intimidate Americans from voting with threats
- disdainfully ridicule 47% of our Our People
- speak about rape and women's rights like you actually have any say whatsover
- start wars that you and your children will never fight
- terrorize the lives of gay and lesbian soldiers by having made them serve in fear of your bigotry
- steal from the old and the weak and disabled through your economic tricks

But the most un-American thing of all, is for you to wave my flag, sing "America the Beautiful" and gush about your twisted concept of patriotism when you don't know a single, god-damned thing about my country.

Oh, and your presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, is a real piece of shit.

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