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David Zephyr

David Zephyr's Journal
David Zephyr's Journal
November 6, 2012

To Any Republican Lurker: Your Party Hates America.

And your party, your candidates and your "media cult" have proven just how un-American you are as you

- try to steal elections
- try to suppress the vote
- make old people stand in lines over night to cast a ballot
- undermine the the democratic process
- mock the sacrifice of our nation's troops by sabotaging the electoral process
- systematically "purge" American voters by race or last names or gender
- destroy public education
- whip up xenophobia against immigrants
- pick on the poor and unprivileged
- close down polling stations
- intimidate Americans from voting with threats
- disdainfully ridicule 47% of our Our People
- speak about rape and women's rights like you actually have any say whatsover
- start wars that you and your children will never fight
- terrorize the lives of gay and lesbian soldiers by having made them serve in fear of your bigotry
- steal from the old and the weak and disabled through your economic tricks

But the most un-American thing of all, is for you to wave my flag, sing "America the Beautiful" and gush about your twisted concept of patriotism when you don't know a single, god-damned thing about my country.

Oh, and your presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, is a real piece of shit.

October 28, 2012

After Four Years, I Am So Proud to Say the Following Words: President Barack Obama.

And if America does the right thing and gives him the second term he has earned, President Barack Obama will be one of our nation's most transformative Presidents in our history. I know it.

In fact, I tell you this: Barack Obama is the most American of all of our Presidents in our country's history.

I am so proud of what all he has accomplished and how he handled himself through all of the adversity.

My heart swells with love and appreciation when I see his wife, our First Lady, and those beautiful daughters. This is the America I love. And this President has the heart, mind and steel to govern. He's proven it against all odds and with very little help.

How can we not now do all we that can to give him a hand after all he has done for us?

October 23, 2012

Mitt Romney Morphed Into Sweaty Richard Nixon Tonight.

My God! 50 Million Americans just saw it right before their very eyes.

He sweated like Nixon.
He grimaced like Nixon.
He twitched his eyes like Nixon.
He jerked his head like Nixon.
He was annoying like Nixon.

Tonight Mitt Romney looked just like the crook he truly is.


October 20, 2012

The economy surges and the GOP switches their message to "terror" again.

Hmmm. Any pattern here?

During Bush's term it was "terror!" 24/7 by the GOP, Fox News and the right-wing. "Red Alert! Orange Alert! Get your fucking duct tape or die!"

And then GOP started two wars leaving 1 million dead and trillions in debt for the U.S. taxpayers, and all the while screamed that Democrats were "soft on terror".

Meanwhile Bush destroyed the enitre American economy with the economic meltdown and the Great Recession costing over 5 million American jobs and millions losing their homes. And still never found Usama bin Laden in Afghanistan or a single "weapon of mass destruction" in Iraq.

So, President Obama gets elected with a margin of 9 million votes and then proceeds to kill Usama bin Laden and drop his corpse to the bottom of the ocean, kills Mohammar Qaddafi, strangles Al-Quada...and no more red or orange alerts. Oh, and duct tape sales plummet.

But because President Obama's great success as Commander and Chief apparent to all Americans, the GOP and Fox create the "tea party" and change the instant message to a scream "fix the economy!" Also, Fox discreetly eliminates all of their 24/7 waving of American flags across their television screens.

To top it all off, President Obama in less than 4 years has mended the American financial ship and the economy is really now coming back, Wall Street is twice as high as where it was four years ago, and we have nearly 40 months of job creation with unemployment plummeting. And the American automobile industry is leading the world.

So, guess fucking what? Now the GOP has flipped their record over back to "terror!" all over again.

Romnesia is without a doubt a bacterial infection of the brain causing delusion spread by the Republican Party. Tell your friends and loved ones.

October 17, 2012

President Obama: "Can You Say That a Little Louder, Candy?"

Mitt Romney's moment of ruin. Busted in telling a lie in front of 50+ million Americans.

"Can You Say That a Little Louder, Candy?"
"Can You Say That a Little Louder, Candy?"
"Can You Say That a Little Louder, Candy?"
"Can You Say That a Little Louder, Candy?"

October 15, 2012

Morning Joe, Chris Matthews Was Right About Racist Reince Priebus

"Send Barack Obama back to Kenya"?

There's no wiggle room anymore for the Republican National Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, who was busted red-hended again in an article by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for participating in yet another episode of racist humor about the President of the United States.

Apologies are now clearly due to Chris Matthews who early on exposed this pattern of Reinece Priebus' race-baiting on Joe Scarborough's early morning television show to the great discomfort of the TV host at the time.

Well, it turns out that Chris Matthews served the public well in pointing out Priebus' flirtation and employment of race, it now seems all the time. Chris was right and it needs to be said.

The son of failing Wisconsin Senate candidate, Tommy Thompson, held the microphone and formally addressed a Republican gathering joking that the President should be sent back to Aftica to the crowd's delight and laughter.

All is caught on videotape and Priebus is now in hiding and refusing to comment. According to the report, there were other outright racist hoots and hollers while Priebus did nothing.

So, Good Morning, Joe. You can start out your "show" with an apology to Chris Matthews and calling for Reinece Priebus to immediately resign his position as head of the GOP.

Chris Matthews, today you are vindicated. Chris Matthews, hold your head high.

October 14, 2012

No Crybabies Before or After President Obama's Next Debate.

Zip it friggin' up already. Get with the program.

I hereby declare that President Obama won the next debate.

Stand with this historic President and decent man.

President Obama is on our side. And, by God, I am on his side.

October 11, 2012

Joe Biden Will Rip Paul Ryan's Head Off & Shit Down His Windpipe Tonight.

This is not even going to be a close debate. Joe Biden will wipe the floor with Congressman Ryan tonight. So much so that Ryan will lose his own Congressional seat.

Show time.

October 9, 2012

What Good Can Come From Criticizing the President at This Time? None!

No one at the DU was a bigger supporter of Barack Obama than I was in 2008.

No one was probably harder on him during his first year than I was.

But there is a time to criticize when it can do some good and there is a time to just suck it in, and get on board and get with the team.

Yes, the team. That would be the Democratic Party and our President.

Our team.

The Supreme Court is at stake.

The working class is at stake.

The future of America's children is at stake.

The care of our elderly is at stake.

A potential war with Iran is at stake.

The economy, now coming back, is at stake.

The American Dream is at stake.

At this late date, -- make that at this late hour, listen to me: no post at any website critiquing the President's speeches, debate performance or how his campaign is doing is helpful. It hurts. Everyone from the President and Vice President and his Campaign Staff down to the smallest precinct workers need to hear not a discouraging word.

It's time to stand together.

Everyone of us here at the DU have our differences. And that is a good thing.

But for the love of god, can we please, please put our differences aside for these last weeks and cheer on our President who NEEDS our support and love. He's earned that support by the way.

Stand with our President!

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