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Member since: Tue Apr 20, 2004, 10:45 AM
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police arrest man after he threatens his wife with gun

A Columbia man was arrested Friday for allegedly brandishing a handgun at his wife during an argument.

Flakne is president of Keep Columbia Free, a group dedicated to protecting civil liberties and the natural rights.

The victim, his 30-year-old wife, told police Flakne brandished a handgun during an argument while traveling in a vehicle, Columbia police Sgt. John Gordon said. Flakne's actions made the victim feel like she was in immediate harm, Gordon said.



This comes AFTER some were arrested outside the white house. ADAPT really knows how to make civil disobedience work.

ADAPT testifying before Henry Claypool of the newly created Long-term Care Commission.


Missouri Republicans vote to stop issuing driver’s licenses

Missouri state senators on on Monday voted to eliminate all funding for the Department of Revenue’s driver’s license bureau because they were angry about the way the agency was keeping concealed carry gun records...

...Melissa Wilson, wife of state Rep. Kenneth Wilson (R), told the committee earlier this month that she was certain that gun records had been shared with the federal government as a part of a United Nations initiative called Agenda 21, which some conservatives believe is a conspiracy to “transform America from the land of the free, to the land of the collective” through “a mind-control” tactic called the Delphi technique.

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