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Member since: Tue Apr 20, 2004, 10:45 AM
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Has anyone else paid attention to this military dog thing?

A part of the proposed legislation is for the government to provide lifetime veterinary services.

Looong history of animal cruelty laws


While child labor laws were passed, laws addressing child abuse were not passed until 1962


I am not suggesting animals should not be protected, just pointing out a disturbing prioritization.

Reading "A Singular Woman" - biography of pres. Obama's mom

It's very interesting. The author talked with Ralph Waldo Emmerson Dunham- Obama's great uncle. He said that they are distantly related to Jefferson Davis. What poetic justice!!
Aside from that, I am learning that their family is unusually well educated. The great uncle mentioned above has a PhD. in educational psychology. There are two aunts who studied Anthropology.
She also included a lot of interesting history about Kansas to provide some context. "To the stars through difficulties" is the KS state motto.
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