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Night photo preps and shots - the whole thing

Tonight was a good night to shoot the setting, crescent moon (waxing at 6.7%). Tomorrow night might be better. But ya' never know!

I started getting ready an hour before sunset (7:30 pm). I got off duty at 7:00 pm, had a long swig from my 10-Barrell growler (Apocolypse IPA - still great after four days), ate a piece of corn, and went to the ground to set up the cameras.

This is the photo record:

Getting ready for the night shoot (notice the blue horn and the yellow whistle). I'm not really keen on getting a face-to-face with the cougar that we all know lives here.

The waxing crescent moon through some snags (more tomorrow, perhaps)

The lookout tower: home sweet home!

Strange, somber view that I watched as I heard the news on BBC this morning (B&W PHOTO)

I was up early (first light, as usual) in the fire lookout tower. I tuned in BBC World News as I scanned the lightning areas for fires (we have had a few lightning fires in the past couple of days). As the BBC read the news - on and on - about Aurora, Colorado, I was scanning through the Crater Buttes to my west. By that time, I was sick at my stomach at the hints of another - yet another - gun massacre. I haven't even gotten over Gabby Giffords, and that has been almost eighteen months.

I watched low clouds spill in from ultra-flat Ft. Rock Valley, and break - like waves at the beach - over the Crater Buttes of the Newberry Volcano. On-and-on it went as on-and-on I listened. It could not have been more metaphorical in a Hieronymus Bosch nightmare-scape.

The waves of "breaking" clouds became the unending assault (pardon the well-chosen word) of gun massacres in our culture. What a hell-of-a-scene on such an apocalyptic morning.

About 0600 PDT on Friday 7/20/12

Low hanging fruit, easily picked, should be shared (so here 'ya go!) ..

Sunday's post-storm light bonanza was bodacious! Some of the best light I've seen here in four fire seasons. Enjoy.

(All photos taken from the fire lookout tower at N 43 40' 1.5" W 120 59' 44.7" with a Canon 5D M-II camera and a 70-200IS f2.8 lens)

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