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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,596

Journal Archives

"Straw Man at the Tea Room"

Dick & Charlie's Tea Room
Caddo Lake
Uncertain, Texas

A peaceful, easy feelin' (east view from East Butte lookout on 8/30/2013)

Dawn over the Maury Range in central Oregon.

Same morning, a little later (higher sun) .. with Ponderosa pine shadows in the Deschutes National Forest.

Prepare for a few days of "Spaghetti Models."

Can't access my thousands of images on Flickr .. ergo

Can't post photos on DU. WTF?

What do Jeffrey Epstein and Deborah Jeane Palfrey (the DC Madam) have in common?

1. Both catered to the sexual needs of very powerful men, including US Goverment officials and foreign leaders, and;

2. Both died unexpectedly and mysteriously of putative suicide by hanging.

I'd love to see a Venn diagram of other common elements of Epstein-world and Palfrey-world, including (but not limited to) their client lists.

A good day for solitude: Unbearable pain needs incredible beauty.

Lick Wash Canyon
Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
(Copyright-2015 Bo Zarts Studio - DemoTex)

Canicula de la Bastille (Nick) - July 14, 2001 to June 9, 2018

Today is sweet Nick's birthday. Lost him a year ago. What a good boy!


Jeffrey Epstein's Gulfstream 5

The Quick and the Dead

These ancient Bristlecone pines are among the oldest living things on earth. I took this photo at almost 12,000-foot elevation, in an extremely harsh hiking environment with thin air and dolomite scree. It is in a national forest in a western US state. No country for an old man, which I certainly am.

This place is not easy to reach. It requires effort. But the beauty is overwhelming. On my short bucket list are two night visits to this grove: a pitch-dark star-filled night and a full-moon night (with snow would be perfect!). I would be happy with either; ecstactic with both.

Need a Greek translation ..

The most un-ambiguous bad-dog sign I have ever seen, and it is in Greek! Bought two of these signs in downtown Athens in around 1997. Intuitively, I know exactly what it means. Those teeth tell the story. But what is the exact translation of the Greek? Beware of dog?

I had these on the various gates to my backyards: Sirius' and Nick's playgrounds in Dallas (TX) and Greenville (SC). They would have laughed their doggie asses off if they knew what it meant. Could not be further from the truth, pertaining to sweet Sirius and Nick-Nick.

BTW: I scanned one of those the metal signs and restored the image in Photoshop. I plan to make a couple of new metal versions this week.
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