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Sorry, I don't buy it

People need to grow the fuck up. I have been hearing how people vote based on how the candidates make them "feel." Listen assholes, you are not picking a date you are picking a politician to represent your needs. Politicians are loathsome people generally; they have to appeal to a wide range of people to be elected. They ain't gonna be your dream date.

This election has really opened my eyes on this type of behavior. Mark Udall could not be more clear what Corey Gardner wants to do. But what did women say? "Oh, the campaign is so negative, blah, blah, blah.

I tell you what, I don't give one shit what the repukes do. Abolish birth control! Outlaw abortion! Drill in every pristine corner of this country! But god forbid the voters get their feelings hurt because a politician was pointing out his opponent's horrible record lest they get offended.

None of what the rebukes do will affect me and I am done caring about the plight of the less fortunate if they can't get off their ass to go vote. As for the people who were "offended," they have now made President Obama's job so much harder. Congratulations morons!
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