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Not saying they're the same, but...

Bill Maher's idiotic choice of phrase reminded me of the Colbert "c--- holster" controversy a few weeks ago.
- Influential late-night hosts
- Politically outspoken
- Used an admittedly derogatory (and offensive) phrase as part of a joke or riff

I get the hate for Maher (he can be a major rac/misogyn/takeyourpick-ist), and I agree:he tends to pile on and amplify the problem instead of approaching more productively.

BUT... he has continued over the years to provide a fairly ample forum for the left, for progressives, for people who really do believe in our country, for people who believe in human and animal rights. If you were to guarantee that he was going to be replaced by someone who brings the bona fides (like Samantha Bee), I would say, absolutely, maybe it's time for him to fold up his tent. But what are the chances of that? Instead, I do side with others who have posted on this thread and elsewhere who are saying, "let's focus on the bigger picture, and take a pass on litigating this one."

Colbert apologized. Maher did too. Let's keep our focus on getting rid of the swamp sickness that has taken over our government.


Does anyone know if there's a Dem plan to make sure all the votes are counted in 2018?

Looked at the DNC site, and didn't see anything, even on the voting rights page.

I also cannot understand how after 2000, 2004, and 2016, we still have this horrible, vulnerable process.

I have already contributed to Let America Vote, but was wondering if the party was going to be proactive in time for 2018.

Why have Democrats embraced neoliberalism, anyway?

Full disclosure: I voted for Hillary in November (and have been a longtime DU supporter/lurker) but I think this article makes some powerful points.


EDITED TO NOTE:I forgot to point out that the Guardian ran this 11/9/16.

NYT: "Dem Leaders try to slow calls to impeach Trump"

Really? THAT'S what they're trying to do? Gah.



Source: https://patribotics.blog/2017/05/14/exclusive-seal


Read more: https://twitter.com/TrueFactsStated/status/863575726880157696

Breaking: Image of Jeff Sessions getting arrested for treason


Taking Mitchie Down


Trying to be grateful here.

So much has happened in just 20 days.
So many things to be worried about.
So much sleep I'm not getting because I'm waking up at 3:00 a.m. and worrying what ELSE can happen.

But then I think about all of the things that HAVE happened. Things that, sure, I never would have expected to happen if things had gone differently in November, but I find myself unbelievably grateful that they have happened at all.

1. My kids and I, watching the Senate votes on CSPAN as though they are episodes of a reality show (which they kind of ARE, but...)

2. "Watching" the audio feed of the 9th Circuit proceedings on CNN the other day, and feeling relieved that so many insanely intelligent people are part of our judicial system in this country! (AND WOOT! They just refused to reinstate the ban!)

3. Watching the "debate" between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz with my family and wondering how much of the audience for CNN is really "woke" now.

4. The in-depth stories from Rachel Maddow. The many wonderful segments from Samantha Bee. The many excellent guests and clever POVs from Trevor Noah and The Daily Show. Dozens of hilarious monologues from Stephen Colbert. And of course, the gleeful, unflinching satire from SNL.

5. Realizing once again that democracy is not a spectator sport. Women's March? Done. Huddling soon. Donating to any and all races where it might make a difference. (If you haven't already, check out Jason Kander's initiative: https://www.letamericavote.org)

6. I am especially grateful for social media. Pretty sure 2004 would have worked out very differently if we'd had Twitter, because it's a great way to "parse" a story.

7. And of course I AM absolutely, completely, overwhelmingly grateful for everyone here at DU. I truly believe if we hang together and keep our focus, we definitely got this.

What are YOU watching on January 20, 2017?

Sure, there's a Facebook Live Freedom Concert (?), but I want to have my TeeVee machine on and pointedly NOT tuned to the Orange Horror.

What strikes your fancy? Binge-watching GameShow Network? I'm leaning toward a Law & Order:SVU marathon myself, but want to know what everyone else is planning.

Does anyone else wonder what Trump voters were voting FOR?

The footage of the enraged shopper yelling at retail workers. The racist rants of the woman in line at JC Penney. The angry dude screaming at the other people on the Delta (?) flight. The epithet-filled comments on so many Facebook posts.

It's like the country picked up a big rock on Election Day, and unearthed a metric shit ton of ugly maggots.

It's pretty clear that many of these people feel entitled to something they weren't getting before. Something that they still feel strongly that Twitler is going to get for them despite all evidence to the contrary. What was it, exactly?

A more peaceful planet?
A more secure retirement?
A better job?
A better life for their kids?

No, I haven't listened to a bunch of Trump stump speeches, but other than saying HE'S a great businessman and really smart, did he actually promise anything to his voters other than a wall and locking up Hillary?
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