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Festivito's Journal
Festivito's Journal
July 21, 2012

We've abrogated our right to general welfare.

Our right to connect responsibility with right.

No one wants two-year-olds to have a gun.
No one wants gun-felons to carry a gun.

Yet, somehow we cannot talk about this issue? Or, we relent to say "enough" with your rights?

I want to say that I am perhaps more liberal than you on how to manage guns. Liberal as in liberty, free, free to carry. (ASIDE: liberal, left, etc. is misused rhetoric I employ to talk about other misused rhetoric. Oh, the irony.)

What I care about more is whether or not I have made sure my fellow responsible American has received his needed health care, and mental health care, and psychological health care that my view of general welfare allows. We are a rich country. We want to enjoy our riches. The problem is that if we do not share our riches we do not get to enjoy our riches. Disparity of wealth is just as dangerous as disparity of power between carriers and non carriers assembling together.

Denying rights, as we did with alcohol causes people to hoard. It happened with alcohol, it happens with drugs, it happens with guns.

I think we'd agree, but our words are disagreeing.

July 9, 2012

That recession was Republican fakery.

Republicans immediately began changing the definition of a recession recalculating years back to 1929 with their new rules.

Clinton's last month was so good that they could not find a way to use the usual rules of consecutive months with negative calculations, so, they loaded up December and October with good stuff and managed to get November down to a small tiny negative, mostly by making rules to round certain things down rather than rounding the numbers or just using the raw numbers. Then, they convoluted the rule to include non-consecutive months and Republicans had from January 20th to January 31st to make January a downer, and all the months that followed under Republican control were also made downers.

So, they declared that the recession started under Clinton in November, despite October and December showing wildly good GDP growth.

Except, Republicans never included the details of it starting in November, just that it started under Clinton and that Bush inherited it. The M$M just played along and never challenged it, and never will they.

The stock market usually takes a hit around March before a November election. It took another hit and dropped a good bit as the election controversy began.

Aside, it's not funny how that caused people to pull money out of stocks and put money into their houses instead.

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