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I respectfully disagree

I don't buy into Coronavirus conspiracy theories or pillory Johnson every time he addresses the nation. I also think that the government has an unimaginably difficult job with this crisis. However, I do think that other nations governments have handled this better and the comparison to President Fart sets a very low bar.

The government has spurned cooperation with EU countries to a wholly unnecessary degree. The "herd immunity" strategy didn't work. The British government has often dithered in making unpleasant but necessary decisions and advice has often not been clear enough.

I was especially unimpressed with the way the government threw the hospitality sector under the bus by telling people not to go out but refusing to close bars and restaurants. And then announcing that they were closing restaurants at 5pm on a Friday night!

Once upon a time....

.... The Daily Telegraph used to be a pretty good newspaper. Always right wing yes, but it used to be well written and have good reporting of the news.

Those days are gone. Every time I read anything from the Torygraph at present on any subject it's cringingly bad.
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