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I do think that Corbyn's proposal should at least be given very strong consideration by remainers

Corbyn's proposal is realistically the best hope of delaying or derailing the disastrous project to leave the EU, and opponents of this madness need to put petty rivalries aside and work together to resolve this. Jo Swinson's proposal of a Kenneth Clarke / Harriet Harman lead government is reasonable, but has to be a plan B in the event of Corbyn's plan falling through.

The biggest problem with Corbyn's proposal is Jeremy Corbyn's unsuitability for high office. However, with a dishonest charlatan currently in Downing Street and the prospect of crashing out of the EU with no deal looming Corbyn has to be the lesser of two evils. I seriously doubt that Corbyn could stay long in Downing Street even in the best circumstances.

Part of the problem here is the approach of Momentum / Labour, who seem more interested in shifting blame for the oncoming disaster and calling everyone else all the names under the sun than in anything else. This in turn creates serious mistrust of Momentum and Labour from the people they need to persuade in order to put Corbyn in Downing Street.

To be honest, the more bile I see thrown by various political factions at present, the more convinced I am that we need major constitutional reform to increase checks and balances. Also to force all the different parties to work together. We have a political culture in the UK based far too much on tribalism and hurling insults. Which makes it very difficult when politicians and their supporters are required to work together!

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