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Congratulations to Jo!!!!

I'm surprised she won by so much as I didn't think there was much in it between her and Ed Davey.

Time to get on with the hard work of electing excellent pro-remain candidates, forging alliances with other pro-remain groups, recruiting disaffected Tories and Labour folk and getting the basics right.

As an example of the sort of thing the Liberal Democrats need to do to progress, the below tweet is from my local ex-Labour, ex-Change UK MP. We need Jo and the rest of the parliamentary party to get people like Angela Smith on board. Won't be easy though.


As per usual, Johnson is playing to the gallery here

The gallery in question being an intended audience of well to do Conservative activists with little to no experience of hardship.

Now the good news here is that the idea that work helps with depression has a small amount of truth to it. I can say from experience that being unemployed is a very depressing experience indeed. Although part of what makes being unemployed so depressing is having to deal with shitty government policies dreamt up by hooray henry's in Westminster on a power trip.

The bad news is that Churchill is a poor example here, which shows that Johnson is more interested in grandstanding than in understanding the issue. Johnson clearly does not understand just how demotivating depression is, or how it destroys your confidence. And also he fails to grasp the whole matter of what a stressful work environment does for your mental health. And then there is all the stress and unemployment Johnson's bad nationalist policies will unleash on everyone else.

Many political terms and phrases have been abused to the point of meaninglessness

"Strong Leader" is just such a term. You would think that the Conservatives would have learnt their lesson on this point from Theresa May posing as a strong leader before being exposed as being nothing of the sort. Instead they are doubling down on the worst errors of recent years.

Strong leaders can tell uncomfortable truths to their own side. No leader of the Conservative party has done that since John Major.
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