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The reason why they can get away with it right now....

....is that quite frankly the Conservatives don't look like a potential party of government either!

Politics in 2017 has degenerated into a contest to see who can bugger up the least! Pretty awful when you think about it.

Corbyn has already made many mistakes!

However, in the general election Theresa May made far more mistakes than Corbyn, and her party has paid the price for failing to make her more accountable.

It worries me greatly appreciate that British politics has degenerated into a contest to see who can f**k up the least, but that is where we are. On the eve of the most important negotiations since the end of WWII as well!

Really bad news

Even worse that it's over what should be a non-issue. Even if Farron didn't handle the subject well during the election.

The coalition was only 2 years ago, and that continues to hurt the Liberal Democrats far more than nonsense about whether or not gay sex is a sin. And the Liberal Democrats options to replace Farron have either been in parliament for about 5 seconds or carry baggage from the coalition that Tim Farron did not.

The Liberal Democrats platform this year was a colossal improvement from 2015. In a way it was quite disheartening to see people moving away from the Liberal Democrats and Greens towards inferior quality Labour candidates. Especially when Labour tended not to return the favours of tactical tactical voting, letting in Tories like Zac Goldsmith.

But more work needs to be done for the Liberal Democrats. Both in terms of rebuilding the party at grassroots level and fleshing out their platform with other positive policies besides opposition to the madness that is leaving the EU. The party is currently struggling to make it's voice heard against Corbyn's Labour, but sooner or later things will change. Farron stepping down will make that process much more difficult IMHO.
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