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One thing I do see happening....

...is newspapers copying the worst aspects of websites like Breitbart and The Canary, so we end up with a vicious circle of clickbait headlines and porky pies.

It makes it increasingly difficult to make good decisions at the ballot box when there is so much misinformation about and you can't trust what the media is telling you.

An example of this that's local to me is fracking. INEOS are seeking permission to explore for shale gas in my local area, and it would be nice if more scientific facts on the subject were readily available. The trouble is, information on the subject is all too often presented from extremely biased standpoints on both sides, so you end up mistrusting both sides! It also doesn't help that at this stage in the process residents are being urged to focus on very NIMBY-ish objections such as traffic levels in order to block the proposal rather than the more serious concerns such as groundwater and subsidance, so the bigger concerns that people might have about fracking are not being addressed.
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