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In addition to their serious credibility problem....

....I would agree that the Lib Dems are also suffering from a serious relevance problem.

However, I think that goes deeper than the general election drubbing. The destruction of the Lib Dems at local level over the past 5 years has also been a factor.

And the Lib Dems general election platform, which seemed to consist of the chance to keep Nick Clegg in a cushy job, with nothing being offered in return also exacerbated the Lib Dems relevance problem.

I would say that you do it via trade...

...but under the current circumstances, trading with Greece is too risky for many. And it's not like the Greeks have the money to buy much stuff from anyone else either.

Even if Greece has to leave the Euro, I still hope for their sakes that a compromise can be worked out that allows them to remain in the EU as leaving the EU will only make things worse for Greece.
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