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Not entirely surprised by this

Carswell always did seem more of a UKIPer then a Tory, with his continual arguments about EU withdrawal.

I do know a few people in that area (was last down there in November for a dinner party in Frinton-on-Sea). It's a constituency that's very receptive to the UKIP message and he is well regarded as a local MP, so I can see quite a lot of people going with him.

Shocking stuff

Some thoughts

1) The Police & Crime Comissioner for South Yorkshire, Shaun Wright, was responsible for children's services at Rotherham Council from 2005 to 2010. His position is looking untenable.

2) Far right knuckledraggers are queueing up to make the Pakistani community scapegoats for this, but abuse on this scale can't happen without involvement from people outside that community.

3) I would not be surprised if this isn't just going on in Rotherham. For starters, were victims in Rotherham shipped elsewhere for others to abuse?

4) I have been rude about Rotherham Labour party on here before, and the fact that Rotherham politics is so utterly dominated by 1 party only makes those in power more able to get away with cocking things up. If the main opposition flagging up this issue is groups such as UKIP, who have no real regard for Rotherham's best interests then that doesn't make things any better either.
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