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Ah, tactical voting...

...at the last European elections I saw a number of parties all arguing that you should vote tactically for them as the only way to stop the BNP. You soon realise that with so many parties making the same claim about themselves they cannot all be right.

As you say, the BNP vote appears to be collapsing but now a large proportion of the knuckledraggers appear to be lining up behind UKIP. And most of the minor parties standing appear to be UKIP splinter groups. In fact I would go as far as to say that this European election is starting to resemble a right wing version of the "Peoples Front of Judea" scene from Monty Python's Life Of Brian.

As to the Lib Dems, they are the only genuine option left for people who are all in favour of all things EU. However, as much as I want Britain to stay in the EU, there is a lot about the EU that I do not like and would want to see reformed. As such I have never considered the Lib Dems at European elections, even in the days when they were half decent under Charles Kennedy.
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