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European Parliament and Local Council elections on 22nd May

As we are having elections for the European parliament and some local councils so I thought it best to start a thread about that. The date for both of these is 22nd May

Please feel free to comment on any local elections in your area and the situation with local politics where you live. There are no local elections for me until next year so the nearest local elections to me are in Sheffield, where no doubt the Liberal Democrats will continue their decline outside of the wealthiest corners of the city.

Please also feel free to comment on the likely outcome of the Euro elections. These are the elections where you choose from a party list rather then choose a party's candidate. These are also the elections where UKIP tend to do best, in spite of their many faults.


I don't think it's the electoral system itself that is the problem

I think the problem lies with the political parties themselves. Even if I agreed with a political party about the right way forward for this country (which I don't, voting at the moment really is a matter of choosing the least shite of a very poor bunch) I can't see any real benefit to joining a political party.

I agree that grassroots pressure groups, and organisations such as 38 Degrees are far better for those of us who don't have a spare million pounds to chuck at politics.
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