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County Council elections on 2nd May

It's that time of year when I do the obligatory thread about the local elections, that are going on at the moment.

This year it's County Council elections in England & Wales. There are also mayoral elections in Doncaster & North Tyneside. Given the train wreck that is local politics in Doncaster that might be of some interest. Will Peter Davies (who has parted company with the English Democrats) keep the Mayor's job or will people in Doncaster find somebody sensible to do the job?



Please feel free to comment on the local elections, and local politics in your neck of the woods here.

I live in Derbyshire, and Labour really need to win back control of Derbyshire County Council from the Tories this year. However, I haven't seen any political campaigning round where I live for quite some time. Daft as it sounds I would actually appreciate some election literature as most of my interest is on what goes on over the border in South Yorkshire.
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