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In addition to their serious credibility problem....

....I would agree that the Lib Dems are also suffering from a serious relevance problem.

However, I think that goes deeper than the general election drubbing. The destruction of the Lib Dems at local level over the past 5 years has also been a factor.

And the Lib Dems general election platform, which seemed to consist of the chance to keep Nick Clegg in a cushy job, with nothing being offered in return also exacerbated the Lib Dems relevance problem.

I would say that you do it via trade...

...but under the current circumstances, trading with Greece is too risky for many. And it's not like the Greeks have the money to buy much stuff from anyone else either.

Even if Greece has to leave the Euro, I still hope for their sakes that a compromise can be worked out that allows them to remain in the EU as leaving the EU will only make things worse for Greece.

Awful news.

Charles Kennedy was an excellent leader of the Lib Dems. Under Kennedy they had some very good policies and were a party you could happily support.

Just a shame that after the 2005 election the Lib Dems threw it all away, starting with removing Kennedy as leader. The way that British politics is going we may never see another party leader as good as Charles Kennedy again.

Poor leadership & the rise of the SNP

Poor leadership left Labour without any clear direction or positive message. Also, Ed Miliband never really looked like a PM in waiting if we're honest.

The rise of the SNP has destroyed Labour north of the Tweed, and there are plenty of people outside of Scotland who don't like the SNP and who don't very much fancy the prospect of a British government being propped by by Scottish Nationalists.

With Labour losing votes to the SNP on the left and also losing votes to the Tories and UKIP on the right, trying to explain the election result in left/right terms doesn't really get you anywhere.

UK General Election: Nick Clegg resigns after massive Lib Dem losses

Source: BBC

Nick Clegg has resigned as Liberal Democrat leader after his party was decimated at the general election.

The Lib Dems are set to end up with just eight MPs, down from 57 in 2010.

"It's simply heartbreaking to see so many friends and colleagues who have served their constituents over so many years abruptly lose their seats because of forces entirely beyond their control," he said.

Mr Clegg, who held seats, added that "fear and grievance have won, liberalism has lost".

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2015-32633462

One of the worst political leaders in British history. Hopefully the Lib Dems elect Greg Mulholland as their leader and make some recovery as our Democracy will be poorer without them.

Engel scraped in with a reduced majority

North East Derbyshire may have been Labour since 1935, but I do think that this constituency will go Conservative at some point. It's gentrifying and turning away from it's mining past into a commuter constituency.

Tories did clearly outspend Labour here, and Labour went backwards in many of the key marginals like Amber Valley that they lost in 2010.

Elsewhere Clegg hung on in Sheffield Hallam, and the seats locally where Labour faced a strong challenge from the Lib Dems are now rock solid Labour with the Lib Dems in 3rd or 4th.

I don't like the results.

But things have panned out this way for a reason.

Labour ran a lacklustre campaign. The party that's meant to be for the common man has lost the common touch. And the less that's said about Jim Murphy's Scottish campaign the better.

And the Lib Dems have destroyed themselves by giving up everything they stood for to grab power in the last parliament.


Too much of a Blairite, and lacks experience. Jarvis would be a singularly bad choice.

Ed Balls is too associated with the failings of Brown and Miliband. The British media would have a field day attacking him and he wouldn't be able to turn things around.

Chukka Umuna doesn't stand out for me, and the less said about Tristan Hunt and Rachel Reeves the better.

The name that stands out for me is Andy Burnham. He's been an effective opposition spokesman. The trouble is, his Blairite record in office has to count against him.

Trouble is....

....I've been angry with Labour since 2002 at least, and in that time the party has drifted along complacently. And now Labour is facing pressure on all sides, with a lacklustre, uninspiring platform, trying to appeal to voters on the basis that they are marginally less repellent then the Conservatives.

Has any Labour leader ever run a worse campaign than Jim Murphy?


The campaign run by Murphy has been complacent, uninspiring and counter-productive. Murphy's central message - that a vote for the SNP is a vote for the Conservatives - is purely negative and gives voters zero reasons to actively back the Labour party. This strategy may have once seemed like Labour's best chance of hanging on in Scotland, but the unavoidable fact is that it has not worked. Yet even today Murphy is still sticking to his script, telling reporters that the poll results are "good for the SNP and great for David Cameron."

By contrast to this purely negative message, Nicola Sturgeon's argument that a vote for the SNP is a vote for Scotland's voice to be heard in Westminster, is both positive and difficult to argue against. Whatever the result next week Scotland is set to play a far bigger role in UK politics than it ever has done before. The sheer scale of bile poured on both Sturgeon and her party over recent weeks, is all the evidence you need of the influence they are set to have.

To be fair to Murphy, Scottish Labour's problems predated his time as leader and Labour's collapse has far more to do with what happened in the referendum campaign than anything that has taken place since he took over.

But a different leader could at the very least have limited the damage done by the SNP to Labour's general election chances. Murphy has made those chances significantly worse.
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