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Barry Gardiner is an atrocious politician who clearly doesn't have the slightest clue about his current policy brief or any desire to learn about his current policy brief. He is clearly the worst choice.

I'm not a fan of Thornberry at all and I certainly don't think she will do anything to stop the current hemorrhaging of Labour votes in traditionally Labour areas.

Lisa Nandy comes across as another Caroline Flint. Which is not what's needed at all. We need a leader of the opposition who will actually hold the government to account over the disastrous project to leave the EU.

Long Bailey is being portrayed as the "continuity Corbyn" candidate, which will be a blessing for her in this contest and a curse outside of the Labour Party. I don't find her especially inspiring to be honest.

I like a lot of what Clive Lewis has to say, but he has had sexual harassment allegations made against him, which will be used to attack him.

I agree with a lot of what Jess Phillips says, but she does come across as being extremely full of herself, and the Momentum wing of the party hate her guts.

I like some things about Kier Starmer, but there does seem to be a lot of people inside and outside the Labour Party with a grudge against him.

Labour's problems go much deeper than Corbyn

As disastrous as his leadership has been.

And everything I've seen from Labour since the election has seemed to be focused on people from one faction blaming the other factions. (see Caroline Flint for a particularly heinous example of this) Nobody seems to realise how much of a turn off the obsession with internal factional issues really is.

Labour has taken people in a lot of places for granted and failed to connect with voters. That's the first issue that needs addressing. In South Yorkshire / North Derbyshire Labour totally failed to grasp that people have moved on from the coal mining era. An error that Labour would be very likely to double down on if Ian Lavery were to be elected leader.

With Labour in such a weak position now they need to work with other opposition parties, which they moved firmly away from under Corbyn.

One issue that should be a major concern to all progressives is that whilst Britain is still horribly divided, it's no longer on class lines as such. The divide these days is much more generational, and with Britain having an ageing population that puts the Tories at a major advantage.

And yes, Corbyn himself was a major turn off, as was much of Labour's policy platform. The thing I learnt from this election is that in a choice of the worst government of all time and the worst opposition of all time people will always choose the governing party as they at least are a known quantity.

It's not the only issue

I've been saying for some time that Labour has major problems in areas like Bolsover. Not just strong anti EU sentiment but also demographic changes (Bolsover itself is becoming something of a retirement town) and a few issues with Labour themselves.

I now have a Tory MP again

Labour ran a poor campaign locally and their vote has collapsed.

I don't think much to the incoming MP Miriam Cates, although I did note some people referring to her as "Boris's girlfriend" or even worse still mistaking her for Jennifer Accuri!

Demographics play a large part here

The UK has an aging population, with a large proportion of the population being over 60. The elderly are very susceptible to backward looking, reactionary and at times bigoted politics. And it's the elderly who are the most likely to vote in elections.

The OAP block vote is an enormous part of British politics at present, it's been a major factor in the rise of UKIP, the Tories ever rightward drift, the Tories moving away from being a party of trade and free enterprise, Labour's decline in old coal mining areas with an aging population and of course the 2016 referendum and subsequent disastrous project to leave the EU.

There are other factors that have exacerbated things such as the failure of political parties to attract and recruit the best and brightest people but the massive OAP block vote is a major factor, and how it splits between the Conservative party and the Brexit pity party will define the general election.

I have noticed this problem

UK politics is not attracting the best and brightest right now. There are many reasons for this such as the tribalism of the political parties, political parties not being attractive enough to join for most people and political activism being difficult to fit with other commitments for most people. The unpopularity of politicians, deserved as it may be is also a deterrent. Not to mention how wildly uninformed the general public is about any issue with a degree of complexity, which is reflected in our politicians.

It's a difficult, complex problem, but it's clearly a major problem that we have with politics in this country.

Lord North (Prime Minister during the American Revolution)...

...Was widely regarded as the worst Prime Minister of all time.

That was until Theresa May came along. And now we have Boris Johnson who is far, far worse!

I'm pretty fed up with millionaire Brexshitters

.....trying to label anyone who disagrees with them as "elitist", in spite of the fact that very few of us have anything like as much wealth as the likes of Cummings or Rees Mogg. Here and now in 2019 the Brexshitters are the elite.

To be honest though, there are plenty of people on both left and right with some pretty warped ideas about class in the UK, and this does create opportunities for charlatans like Johnson and Cummings.

I do think that Corbyn's proposal should at least be given very strong consideration by remainers

Corbyn's proposal is realistically the best hope of delaying or derailing the disastrous project to leave the EU, and opponents of this madness need to put petty rivalries aside and work together to resolve this. Jo Swinson's proposal of a Kenneth Clarke / Harriet Harman lead government is reasonable, but has to be a plan B in the event of Corbyn's plan falling through.

The biggest problem with Corbyn's proposal is Jeremy Corbyn's unsuitability for high office. However, with a dishonest charlatan currently in Downing Street and the prospect of crashing out of the EU with no deal looming Corbyn has to be the lesser of two evils. I seriously doubt that Corbyn could stay long in Downing Street even in the best circumstances.

Part of the problem here is the approach of Momentum / Labour, who seem more interested in shifting blame for the oncoming disaster and calling everyone else all the names under the sun than in anything else. This in turn creates serious mistrust of Momentum and Labour from the people they need to persuade in order to put Corbyn in Downing Street.

To be honest, the more bile I see thrown by various political factions at present, the more convinced I am that we need major constitutional reform to increase checks and balances. Also to force all the different parties to work together. We have a political culture in the UK based far too much on tribalism and hurling insults. Which makes it very difficult when politicians and their supporters are required to work together!

Congratulations to Jo!!!!

I'm surprised she won by so much as I didn't think there was much in it between her and Ed Davey.

Time to get on with the hard work of electing excellent pro-remain candidates, forging alliances with other pro-remain groups, recruiting disaffected Tories and Labour folk and getting the basics right.

As an example of the sort of thing the Liberal Democrats need to do to progress, the below tweet is from my local ex-Labour, ex-Change UK MP. We need Jo and the rest of the parliamentary party to get people like Angela Smith on board. Won't be easy though.

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