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Member since: 2001
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Mariachi Los Caballeros - La Bamba

I dare you to sit still while you listen to this.

The WORST type of Trump supporter IS NOT the White Nationalist type.

They are mostly suffering from some sort of mental illness due to isolation and poor education.

No, the WORST type of Trump supporter is the one that goes along with Trump's bullshit because they're getting a break on taxes. They know that he's unfit to be a human being, let alone president, but they're saving a few pennies so who cares if migrant children are dying and in cages.

These are people so devoid of humanity and live only for money.

Maybe We Should Be Concerned About Qanon?

Very interesting video. We need to shed light on these people:

It truly really does not matter who the Democrats nominate for president.

If Trump wins, it will be because too many Americans are comfortable with xenophobia, racism, sexism, and having a complete immoral, unethical, criminal buffoon as president. A Trump victory is an indictment on his voters.

It's not about the Democrats moving too far to the left or a candidate's age, sex, race, etc. Every single Democrat running is a better human being than Trump. Someone that your kid can look up to and be inspired by.

I don't want to hear any post-election analysis about the "likeability" of the Dem nominee or that they didn't do enough to reach out to Trump voters. Fuck that bullshit. The man is a fucking incompetent asshole, criminal, and fraud, and people that vote for him are assholes, pure and simple.

So, we have to remove our shoes, not carry liquids onto a plane, and submit to full body scans all..

in response to 9/11, not to mention other intrusions into our privacy.

But submitting a gun buyer to background checks represents the most egregious affront to our constitutional liberties tantamount to slapping Thomas Jefferson in the face.

We may not survive this next recession

The last one was ugly and brutal, and we were saved by Obama, a man of class and calm which was just what we needed. If we have another 2008 style recession, to paraphrase Coach Rick Pitino, "Obama aint walking through that door, folks".

I hate business emails

Worst thing ever invented.

Imagine if Hillary was president and Epstein killed himself in a Federal jail.

Impeachment proceedings would be underway right now.

Martha "The Mouth" Mitchell Makes an Enemy of Nixon (feat. Vanessa Bayer) - Drunk History

The Samsung 98" Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD

Priced at $69,999.

My birthday is next month. Hint. Hint.

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