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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 24,510

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Kitteh: "Hey, this is my girlfriend now."

Not cool kitty. Not cool at all.

If a Republican congressman refuses to hold a town hall, then a Democratic challenger should do so

A perfect opportunity to reach out to passionate voters. Hear their concerns and start campaigning early.

But, who am I? I'm not some highly paid Democratic party consultant who thinks that buying ads is the only way to campaign.

Boss cat enjoys a meal, a beer, and a cigarette

Am I old? Or was music better in my youth? (1970s-1980s)

I'm trying to be objective here, but I objectively think that music from the 1970s and 80s is simply better than today. Heck, music from the 90s was better.

Or am I becoming an old fart?

I'm a Liberal, but I am objective and open to change my opinions based on data

For example, if tax cuts to the wealthy really was beneficial to the middle class and you had the data to really show that it does, I would be for tax cuts for the wealthy.

If there really was evidence that climate change was wrong, I would question it.

If de-regulations were good for the economy, I would be for it.

IOW, I don't come to my opinions based on conjecture, nostalgia for the past, racial pride, gender pride, etc. I am a Liberal because the evidence is on my side.

Why everyone has to pay into a universal, Single payer system

If we want a single payer system, everyone has to pay into it in order for it to work. Funding it with a combination of payroll and sales taxes makes everyone vested in the system. That gives the system the political power it needs to protect itself from demagogues. Also, it gives the system the leverage to bargain for lower prices for healthcare services and pharmaceuticals.

Once you exclude people from paying into the system, it will fall apart.

Which would you rather be: NHL, NFL, MLB, or NBA referee/umpire?

I would love to be a NBA ref. Has to be the greatest job in the world. You fly first class to different cities every night. Get to see different things going on like museums, libraries, art galleries, etc.. and ref'ing a game is not that strenuous.

I can't get my managers to focus on work. All they want to do is play all day. All day.

I'm going broke buying toys for them Don't think that this company has much of a future:

Bermese Mountain Dog loves his Grandma.

Dear ESPN, We get it. The Cubs won the WS last year. We know. It was all over the news.

Can we move on now? It's a new season.
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