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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,984

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Is Samuel L. Jackson the only actor to appear in....

a Tarzan and a King Kong movie? Also, why hasn't there ever been a Tarzan/King Kong team up buddy movie? Something like Tarzan and King Kong solve a high tech murder case in Silicon Valley.

If no contacts with the Russians happened, why would Priebus ask the FBI to downplay...

the story...the story of nothing happening.

Dear paid protesters, you won't get paid unless you have a cover sheet on your TPS report of your...

activities. Also, I'm going to need you to protest this Saturday and Sunday. That would be great. Thanks.

Where is the Liberal version of CPAC? Why don't we have one?


Puppy vs door stop

For a "wealthy" man who has lived his entire life in NYC, Trump is extremely uncultured.

He can afford to attend all the great works of culture in NYC from ballets to operas to the theater to art galleries. Yet, you never hear him reference any of these things.

What Milo truly represents

Any no-talent without a track record of doing anything successful in his/her life can achieve notoriety, acclaim, and a media deal (e.g. book, column, TV show appearances, etc.) just by espousing hate-filled rhetoric against groups that are in the minority in America and women. That's it. That's all that one has to do. Just say outrageous things and the right wing will make you wealthy.

What has Milo Yiannopoulos ever done in his life to warrant being invited to speak

on a college campus or on TV or get a book deal. His accomplishments seem pretty mediocre. He makes highly insensitive remarks without producing an iota of hard data to back them up. Yet somehow, we're supposed to take what he says seriously. Why?

It just seems as if for White males, you can be less than average but you can still be successful if you're "politically incorrect" or insult groups that are outside the majority.

Fitzmas! Fitzmas! Fitzmas!

"Fitzmas" is the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation preceding the conclusion of Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury investigation into the Bush regime's treason and perjury.

Until the impeachment hearings being in earnest, please treat each rumor, each whisper with a grain of salt.

That moment when you see your next victim for the first time.

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