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Man, if you drop a bomb, the media will love you.

Morning Joe is having a circle jerk this morning over Trump. All of the sudden, Trump is the greatest American president ever. Why? Because he's willing to drop bombs on other nations.

So, is Trump going to drop a bomb(s) every week now? Is this winning?

Are we winning now?

Kansas Democrat James Thompsons 47 percent

You know the real reason why Republicans have all of the control that they have. When they lose an election but get 47% of the vote, they cheer. They cheer because they know that they're 3+ percentage points away from winning and the next election is just around the corner.

When Dems get 47% of the vote and lose, we despair. We sulk. We abandon the district entirely because "we just can't win there in that state".

The reality is that 47% of the voters in that deep red state and district voted for us, and all we do is bemoan the loss instead of embrace the hope that we can get that 3+% in 19 months.

Congrats to James Thompson and those that supported him. We've only just begun to fight.

Ever live with someone that won't let you clean and loves clutter?

The Real Voice of Darth Vader...hilarious!

Shouldn't the nations of the Middle East, some with obscene amounts of wealth, put that wealth to...

use by ensuring that the Middle East is stabilized? I'm just saying. Before you fly luxury cars into London, how about using some of that money to alleviate the Syrian refugee crisis. How about working together to stabilize the region?

Dogs aren't very good at subtlety are they?

My humble suggestions on how to move forward in Syria

1. We should demand that Russia withdraw military support of Assad today or else face global sanctions on everything. Threaten to freeze their assets worldwide. We would need a global coalition to do this. Russia is aiding and abetting a mass murderer at this point.

2. Work with every Middle East leader to put pressure on Assad and donate money to help rebuild Syria and aid the refugees. I'm looking right at you Kuwait, kick in some money for the effort. You fucking owe us.

3. Work towards a cease fire and send in an international coalition to maintain the peace while the nation rebuilds.

4. The most important step of all is to employ all able body Syrians in the rebuilding of their nation. Pay them well to rebuild their war torn homes. This will promote immediate stability. Idle hands are the terrorists' workshop.

Don Rickles and Frank Sinatra on Johnny Carson

What truly, truly frightens me about the Republicans, and what should scare you as well.

One day, they will nominate someone for president, and we will all say, "man, this person makes Trump look good."
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