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Jesus Christ could be the Dem. House Minority Leader, and the Republicans would shit all over him.

People that's what they do. They play the politics of personal destruction.

We're in the middle of a vicious class war against the middle, working, lower, and poor classes

The GOP is leading the charge in this war, and they're winning by re-framing and conflating the class struggle as a race/gender/environmental/social issues/globalization/xenophobic struggle.

The struggling coal miner is unemployed purely because of environmental issues. The factory worker is laid off purely because of globalization. African Americans and undocumented workers are getting government benefits. The "elites" on the coasts hate your religious beliefs.

So, when Republicans win, what do they do? They pass laws that worsen the class struggle. Massive tax cuts for the wealthy. De-regulation of business. No raise in the min. wage.

The class resentment grows, and then it's back to the re-framing and conflating.

Bottom line is this. Neither the Democratic party NOR BERNIE SANDERS are truly prepared to build a national movement to counter this class struggle. They don't seem to really understand what exactly is going on here. In fact, there is NO major, organized force that can fight back on this class warfare.

Basset hound clown car

Defies the laws of physics!!

Marvin Gaye sings the National Anthem (goosebumps to this day)

Could the Warriors win an Olympic Gold medal by themselves?

Instead of a Dream team, what do you think would happened if we just sent the Warriors as is. Do you think that they could win?

People, ALWAYS document things when you're in any contentious relationship

Whether it's a personal or professional, take notes, keep logs, keep emails, contracts, whatever. He said/She said arguments don't carry much weight. Documented evidence does.

OMG!!!! Bears are using Tinder to hunt for their prey!!!!!

This gentlemen thought that he was meeting a hookup:

BTW, Carrie Coon is dominating TV right now.

I can't think of another time when an actress was the lead in two highly acclaimed dramas that were both on TV at the very same time.

Coon was phenomenal on "The Leftovers" which just ended, but don't despair. She's still going strong and giving a great performance on "Fargo". She should get nominated for both roles.

Amazing work.

Prediction: Comey's testimony won't live up to expectatations

I think that folks on here, and elsewhere, will be bitterly disappointed with Comey's testimony. I don't think that it will be the bombshell that people expect. In fact, he may largely exonerate Trump.

Too many powerful interests have too much at stake and would take a huge hit if Trump fails. No amount of malfeasance, illegality, and sheer incompetence from Trump will stop that.

Perry Mason and Hamilton Burger (the DA) object on the grounds that the question was...

incompetent, irrelevant, and immaterial:






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