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Since WWII, there has not been one war that we've fought where diplomacy would have worked better.

better. Looking at the trailer for Ken Burns' upcoming documentary on Vietnam got me to thinking about all of the wars we've fought since WWII, and I don't think that there was one war that we fought that could have handled much better with diplomacy and negotiation.

The most egregious example was the first Gulf War in 1990. There was absolutely no reason at all to fight that war, and doing so has lead to other wars and terrorist attacks.

--On Edit to add better to the headline. The word was in my post--

The only thing that the DNC respects is power.

Until left leaning groups/leaders (The Green Party, Jill Stein, Nina Turner, Cornell West, Ralph Nader, etc.) can actually register voters, field candidates, and win major elections (statewide and federal) on a regular basis, then and only then will the Democratic party move left. You have to demonstrate real political power to get them to take you seriously.

However, to get that political power takes hard work and dedication. Left leaning groups would have to leave the bucolic college campuses and organize the average American. They'd have to go to small towns, rural environments, the suburbs, and the urban areas. It's not enough to go on MSNBC and throw shade on the Democratic party establishment.

Right now the best that left leaning groups can do is spoil elections which has the opposite effect. It makes the party move more to the right to pick up lost votes.

If Trump goes to jail, will he still get Secret Service protection there?

If so, how would that work exactly?

So what exactly are Jill Stein and the Green party doing in between presidential elections?

Are they building a grass roots political organization by registering voters across the country? No.

Are they fielding candidates for local, state, and federal elections? No.

Are they reaching out to dissatisfied voters and forming a political organization? No.

In short, they are doing absolutely NOTHING to become a political force in America except when it comes to presidential elections where they can garner a piece of the political spotlight most by siphoning off votes from the Democrats.

Olivia Newton John - "Have you never been mellow?"

Bob Fosse, "The Aloof, The Heavyweight, The Big Finish"

If anyone has any tidbits or inside information about these scenes, please share and enjoy:

"If the Dems simply got rid of (fill in the blank with Dem name) then everyone would vote for them."

"fill in the blank with Dem name) is out of touch with every day real Americans who take showers after work."

"fill in the blank with Dem name) represents a liberal, elitist district that looks down upon the values of real Americans."

"fill in the blank with Dem name) wants to raise taxes of real Americans and give your tax dollars to those people that do not want to work and live on handouts."

"fill in the blank with Dem name) is part of the DC establishment and simply cannot relate to a changing world."

The contents of this post came from a Frank Luntz MS-Word template document.

Please stop posting pics of Donald Trump's huge ass.

Thank you in advance.

Doggy gets a lawyer to defend him

Dog: "Please talk to my attorney. Thank you."

The Republican health care bill is a test. A very, very, very important test.

What the Republicans truly want to do is go after ALL domestic spending programs. However, most of these programs directly benefit the White, middle and lower classes. Cutting them off will cause serious pain, and may trigger a class revolt, esp. if you cut medicaid and then give tax cuts to billionaires.

If they get this through, this will be the blue print for going after Medicare, Social Security, and mortgage deductions. If they don't pay a political price for kicking the affirmed off of healthcare, then they have carte blanche to do whatever they want.

Will it trigger a class war? Probably not. There's always a racial minority group to blame. See the 2008 housing collapse and how they blamed the C.R.A.:

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