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Name: David Allen
Gender: Male
Hometown: Washington, DC
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 63,251

Journal Archives

DNC Thursday Night Obama Acceptance Speech Pics

We grabbed our seats around 3:00, and had a few hours before the main event. EarlG decided to take his customary convention night "disco nap" so he would be properly rested for a long night of (political) partying.

And then he played a little Angry Birds.

And then he took a walk around the arena, and snapped a picture of Michael Steele's shiny head.

Meanwhile, the Time Warner Cable arena was filling up. Here's the view from our seat. We were right in the first row of the balcony, with a great view of the stage and the back/right side of all the speakers.

We also had a great view of the seats directly below us. (Remember that.)

The evening's events officially started with the color guard.

And then, when Beau Biden was speaking out on the stage, look who showed up in the seats below us! ... OK, I know it's a little hard to tell. That's Joe and Jill Biden. Joe is the guy in the middle waving, and Jill is right next to him.

And in the seat directly below is Valerie Jarrett -- blue dress, middle of the picture. And a soda cup, looking somewhat precarious.

Finally, Michelle Obama introduced President Obama.

Here's our three-quarters back-view of President Obama. The quality on these close-up shots is terrible because it's the low-res digital zoom on my iPhone.

And here is the entire Obama family after the speech.

And then the entire Biden family as well.

Cue the confetti.

And one last picture, before we leave the Time Warner Arena forever...

Got our seats to see President Obama. The long wait begins...

Front row of the "Unassigned Press" section. Not bad.

Wednesday final update, DU at the DNC -- We got Floor Passes!

Another great night at the DNC. Earlier this evening EarlG and I picked up some floor passes so we could go run around on the convention floor.

Unfortunately, we only get the floor passes for 20 minutes at a time. :sadface:

Here's the big backdrop on the stage, looking appropriately patriotic.

EarlG is still wearing his funny hat.

We stopped by to visit the delegation from my home state...

...where we saw my friends Lisa and Drew. You may recognize them from my post earlier this year.

DU Admins: "Stronger Together"

EarlG standing in the middle of the floor.

Cecile Richards.

A veritable sea of delegates.

Here's a picture of EarlG taking a picture of me.

And here's a picture of me taking a picture of EarlG. I know... This kind of blows your mind.

Our Healthcare. Our Choice. Our Vote.


Some cool signage.

Some other cool signage.

And a delegate wearing a license plate on his back.

But all good things must come to an end. Our 20-minute floor pass expired. We spend the rest of the night up in the cheap seats...

Which was awesome, because we got to see Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton. Here's what it sounded like in the arena.

Another great day in Charlotte. See you tomorrow!

ANOTHER WIN!!! EarlG meets State Rep. Joaquín Castro on the street Wednesday afternoon!

WIN!!! Skinner meets Mayor Julián Castro on the street Wednesday morning!

My hand was on MSNBC just now. **Here's a pic!**

Behind Brian Schweitzer. Behind the green umbrella. You can see a bit of my face too, right on the edge.

Thanks to warrior1 for taking this pic!!!

This DU in Charlotte update sponsored by VISIT MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA

The Congressional Black Caucus and Visit Myrtle Beach.com are sponsoring a hospitality suite for media, and we got an invite. Food and drinks are ON THE HOUSE! To show your support for the DU Admins, consider a trip to beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina next time you go on vacation!



Here we are enjoying FREE food and drink. Yummy BBQ and local brew. The pulled pork is effing delicious.

EarlG partakes of the all-you-can eat buffet.

We actually snagged a booth. Thankfully, they have a charging station for my iPhone, which was already down to a dangerously low 12%!

My Media credentials for the Visit Myrtle Beach "Hospitality Central." Yes, we are "Media" -- it says so right on the thing.

But enough about Myrtle Beach. Let's talk about CHARLOTTE!


First stop: Charlotte Convention Center to pick up our Credentials.

Then we took the light rail to the Time Warner Cable Arena.

As you can see, EarlG is very excited to be experiencing a Real American Nominating Convention. (He's foreign.)

The Media Room for The Rest of Us. (Networks get the restricted-access second floor. Teeny media gets a big room with shared tables.)

First view of the convention floor. Smell the EXCITEMENT!

Samantha Bee interviews Kooky Convention Guy.

Don't get sucked into the CONVENTION VORTEX!!!!

CNN Election Express Bus. Riding the highway to irrelevancy...

WTF is the "CNN Grill"? God they suck.

The "MSNBC Experience?" Translation: Only slightly less awful than the CNN Experience.

More updates to come! Michelle Obama speaks tonight!

Look for more updates here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/dnc2012

We have credentials and SWAG!

Blogger meeting in three minutes, so this is a quick post.


We have SWAG! There's even a pedometer in there.

Dave trying and failing to get online.

Will check in later!
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