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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,097

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Rick Scott on CNBC just now

Talking about how he was born in public housing, created businesses, got super-rich. The host (there seemed to be two on "Squawk Box) was asking him about all his investments and how he's moved a lot of his mega-wealth into gold. Scott said it was to protect against the "hyperinflation" that the Democrats are causing, then went on a tirade against raising taxes and the debt ceiling. Kept saying "we need to get our financial house in order--I did it in my own life, my business, and Florida" and railing against taxes and "cradle-to-grave entitlements" that make the lazy Americans dependent on government.

The one host (I guess there is a conservative one and a more progressive one) read a quote about decreasing the inequality of wealth and asked him if it was the president of China or someone else. He said "Bernie Sanders?" (the quote was apparently from China). They then laughed and said "there's really no difference."

All the while he had that plastic, creepy smile. The other host did ask him about his change in tune from 2019 to 2020---and he said that he has NEVER voted to raise a debt ceiling. There was not reply, so I wonder if that is true or if they let him get away with a lie. Scott seems like a total pig---not sure how he ever got elected to anything (although I guess mega money does that).

These people make me sick

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