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Gender: Male
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Home country: United States
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 2,097

Journal Archives

Progression of Relationships (heard on radio today)

In the beginning, it's "Never change!" that progresses to "You need to change" and ends with "You changed"

Had Al Gore not been cheated.....

The Big 3 auto makers were close to producing some slick hybrid vehicles (the goal was 80 mpg). This video shows Dodge's effort with their hybrid versions of the Intrepid--the last of which only cost $7,500 more than the base model. I'm sure some incentives would've been offered.

BUT OF COURSE....."W" was installed as "President" and cancelled the PNGV program that spurred companies to produce energy-efficient vehicles (started by Clinton). The Repukes are always in the pocket of Big Oil and are anti-environment.


Intrepid ESX3

Ford Prodigy (Hybrid)

Prince challenge: Find Pat Smear

In the Raspberry Beret Video (Pat Smear is now a guitar player with the Foo Fighters).


This is a recent photo of Pat Smear....


Ryan Bingham: Hard Times (Live)


The day after second Pfizer: Update

Just a sore arm so far.

Told my Trumper sister in Panama City Beach, FL about it during our "Happy Easter" text exchange and she said "I'm not getting a vaccine" but wished my arm well.

2nd dose of Pfizer today

In Dover, DE. I felt the needle this time, but just like a standard flu shot. No issues thus far....but it was only 5 hours ago.

Waited in the drive-thru event for about 30 minutes.

Thought about Trump and the hundreds of thousands of people who died b/c of his inaction and/or counterproductivity and general assholism. I hope that we, as a nation, have learned from this.

Discussion with an Uzbekistan-American friend today re: immigration

This woman is married to a Trump-humper but considers herself "independent."

She asked me what I thought about the "open borders" policy of the "new government" and said that illegal immigrants have been flooding into the country since the new government took over. And wanted to know what I thought about that. Also said that she fled a "socialist" country and wanted to know how I felt about socialism. A lot to unpack.....

After much back-and-forth, it turns out that she is in favor of "opening the borders" if there is some kind of work program/legal path to citizenship. With all the infrastructure projects, there should be lots of entry-level work. If people break the law, they could have their papers revoked.

And she's in favor of a national healthcare plan. And a clean environment (which requires government regulations). And unions.

Living with her Trumper husband and having Faux News on all the time has clearly colored her take on things

GOP Argues Government Shouldn't Decide Which Bridges Succeed or Fail (The Onion)


In response to the $2 trillion infrastructure plan unveiled by President Joe Biden this week, Republicans on Capitol Hill spent much of Thursday arguing that it shouldn’t be up to the government to decide whether bridges succeed or fail. “We here in Washington should not be in the business of picking winners and losers when it comes to which highway overpasses maintain their integrity and which collapse, killing dozens of innocent motorists,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Metallica Cunning Stunts (fake accident)

I saw this tour and I must say...I fell for it . Looking at the video close up, now it seems fake. But they set it up well--well in advance of the "destruction scene," they were seemingly experiencing technical difficulties with one of four giant arms that went up and down with pyrotechnics & lights attached. Then they sent roadies and techs up there to try to "fix" the problems, right in the middle of a song that you *knew* would have explosions. I was very worried about the roadies

"Accident" starts around 5:30

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