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Delarage's Journal
Delarage's Journal
June 30, 2024

Solar panels for church

I'm the "green guy" at my church and they gave me the OK to look into ways to save money/save the planet. So I connected with a group called "Interfaith Power & Light" who connected me to Energize Delaware (who I was familiar with) and they are going to use a team of engineering students from the University of Delaware and their own auditor to perform a thorough energy audit of the old building to identify areas to focus on. The good part for the Earth is:

There are grants available, of course...thanks President Biden...BUT they have a low-interest loan (2% for 20 years) that they build around savings that we realize. For example, if we get solar panels and they save the church $300/month, they work it so the loan payment is around $300/month. So our out-of-pocket costs would be about the same until the loan was paid off...but we would be cutting fossil fuel use significantly. I hope this all works out! We are a small church of mostly older people--so we can't afford many new bills and not everyone cares about energy. So this will help me sell the idea.

June 30, 2024

Anyone have a metal roof?

I have solar panels on my 1950's split-level and will possibly be needing a new roof soon. The company that installed the panels 15 years ago is out of business, but there are plenty of local companies that I'm sure could take them down/re-install (and clean while they're at it).

I was thinking about getting a metal roof, though. Current roof doesn't even have a ridge vent and there is very little soffit venting. My handyman/contractor is going to replace the soffits with ventilated ones to prep for this (since roofers would charge a fortune to do that).

But---I had one estimate from a company that makes fancy shingle-looking metal roofs and it seemed exorbitant to me---$35,000. I'd be happy with standing-seam, but he (of course) told me all the problems they have (something about metal grommets deteriorating or something). I haven't gotten any estimates on standing-seam, but am working on that.

Just curious about anyone's experiences with metal roofs on houses.

June 19, 2024

Danny Wilson: Mary's Prayer

YouTube suggested this blast from the past based on my 80's music searches.... a song that I had forgotten about but find to be very powerful.


June 11, 2024

3 more Biden votes....

I know three young people who will be voting for President Biden! A friend's daughter (and the girl she's dating) are super anti-Trump. A 19-year-old Salvadoran-American just asked me who I was voting for and why. After my approximately 20-minute list of reasons why I'm voting for President Biden, he seemed convinced. I told him to look around at the Aryan clowns with Trump flags to see if they seem like reasonable people, LOL.

June 11, 2024

Embarassing moment while driving in Delaware....

Leaving my church in my pickup to go pick up a furniture donation to take to a recently-divorced man who is moving into a public housing apartment in Wilmington. A couple people were following in their cars to help me load the stuff. Waiting at a light, a pickup with an American flag and a Trump flag drove by. I reflexively held up my middle finger and waved it at them. Then I remembered that I know the people sitting behind me at the light. And that we were leaving church. OOPS.

June 3, 2024

Level 42: Something about you

I always loved this song.


May 25, 2024

Just waved to the President

President Biden's motorcade just went by me on his way home..... Everyone was driving slowly so I waved and smiled. I love seeing him around... And I hope they saw me!

February 27, 2024

SNL: Limu Emu

The Doug & Emu visits they cover up:


February 19, 2024

SNL: Home Videos

I found this to be hilarious:


November 18, 2023

Queensryche & Dream Theater: Won't Get Fooled Again

I love Queensryche.... and this cover they did with Dream Theater



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