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Rose Siding

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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 32,623

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Corpus Cristi's Caller Times: Our support for Hillary Clinton is enthusiastic

That we endorse Hillary Clinton for president should come as no surprise. There really is no other choice. And that's unfortunate — not because, as many Americans have allowed themselves to be led to believe, the country desperately needs a viable alternative to her. It's unfortunate because of the shadow it casts upon the former secretary of state/senator/first lady's genuine worthiness to be our first female president.

She is not, as has been sold, a mere lesser of two evils. Her experience and intellect would make her a standout in any group of candidates. Like President Obama said and didn't need to be fact-checked, she's more qualified than him or her husband.

We have reservations about the next presidency that have nothing to do with Clinton's abilities, personality or transgressions. Our concern is about the enormity of the task of leading a nation so polarized that angry factions are likely to dispute the election's outcome no matter who wins......


Finally, the unqualified endorsement I can share enthusiastically.

Donald explains why he can't defend our country! Very sad!

via https://twitter.com/VABVOX/status/782367144814190592

Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter!


This one's easy for me to remember because I've shared a birthday with him for 62 years

Lin-Manuel Miranda Sings Donald Trump Tweets

His message: vote


The Fall Out

This hurts

The brave men and women who have served our country deserve better than Donald Trump.

Full Frontal got an exclusive first look at Trump’s medical records!


Trump Criticizes Flint Pastor But Misstates Key Facts About Their Encounter

Source: NPR

I was in the room as a pool reporter at the time and here's what happened..........she didn't appear nervous at all
"The audience was saying let him speak, let him speak," Trump told Fox and Friends.

That isn't true. In fact, several audience members began to heckle Trump, asking pointed questions about whether he racially discriminated against black tenants as a landlord.

And that's when Timmons — who Trump said Thursday had planned to ambush him — stepped in to defend Trump, saying the Republican nominee was "a guest of my church, and you will respect him."

"Thank you. Thank you, pastor," Trump responded.

The pointed questions for Trump continued as Trump wrapped up his remarks, though — and that's the moment when the press traveling with Trump was hastily escorted out of the room.

Read more: http://www.npr.org/2016/09/15/494064219/trump-criticizes-flint-pastor-but-misstates-key-facts-about-their-encounter?live=1

Donald Trump says Pastor was "a nervous mess"

So nervous she let him know he could not use her pulpit for political attacks

Trump attacks Flint pastor who shut him down as nervous, shaky mess

edit to add: This woman, who was strong and steady enough to stop a presidential candidate from using the pulpit to make political attacks, is named Rev Faith Green Timmons

No attack on the woman's "stamina", so he's slipping I guess?
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