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Rose Siding

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Hillary Clinton: "To me this is a serious discussion about a serious issue"

Jennifer EpsteinVerified account
Clinton didn't just go after Trump on abortion, she also called out Sanders for downplaying its importance


Sen Warren is going to be an amazing GE surrogate for Hillary -video

Watch her on Colbert. She's a destroyer!

Clinton names gay rights advocate as Indiana campaign director

Peter Hanscomb, who recently headed up Indiana Competes, a coalition of Indiana Businesses created to lobby for equal rights for the LGBT community, was just named head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Indiana.

Hanscomb previously worked with Freedom Indiana as deputy campaign manager. Freedom Indiana works to advance LGBT rights in the state. He has also served as outreach director for Senator Joe Donnelly, and political director for the state Democratic Party.

The appointment of a gay state-wide campaign director is no surprise for the Clinton campaign, which was the first to name an openly gay man, Robby Mook, as director of a major national campaign for the presidency.

Indiana’s open primary will be held on May 8.


Glad to see her getting to work in Indiana. Can't WAIT to start on the general!

Oh, Susan Sarandon -By Connie Schultz

Susan, Susan, Susan.

This Democratic primary is starting to feel like the family reunion that should have ended weeks ago in a house full of relatives who refuse to leave.

Earlier this week, actor and progressive activist Susan Sarandon showed up for Chris Hayes' show on MSNBC to talk about why she supports Bernie Sanders.

Fine. I mean it. I was fine with that. I had already accepted that Thelma's friend Louise was not going to support the first viable female candidate for president. I'm a teensy bit troubled that, for the first time, I don't feel that pang of regret when I think of them driving off that cliff, but I've been hanging on to that for too long anyway.

Besides, I've got friends and people in my own family who are a lot like Susan Sarandon, whom I have long admired. Like her, they go on and on about the purity of their commitment, pausing just long enough to give me an unsolicited tutorial on why my support for Hillary Clinton proves I can't possibly be a true progressive.

Please. As I've mentioned before, I grew up with the Jack and Jesus wall. There they were, Jack Kennedy and Jesus, hanging shoulder to shoulder — a tag-team reminder that every fight for justice starts with a true believer and ends with a pragmatist to hammer out the details...............MORE WHICH YOU SHOULD READ..................


Connie is so good!

Clinton: Don't let anyone with this much contempt for women near the WH

clip at link

To actually see him say it is beyond revolting!

Just the same. No difference.

“It is time to stop the tweedledee, tweedledum politics of the Republican and Democratic parties.” -Bernard Sanders

Not on your life:

Ali VitaliVerified account
NEW Trump to @msnbc: "there has to be some form of punishment" for women who have abortions but he has yet to determine what that should be.


While an exceptionally perverse form of infighting during this political season will continue as long as there's money to be made from it, we would do well to remind ourselves that it is the Democratic party that stands with women in their struggle to retain control over their own bodies.

The ante just got raised.

Kimmel assists Hillary: Double blind manspainers busted

They both completely get this. SO fun to see it brought into the light!

Traditionally, the losing candidates endorse the party's nominee

Most of what I've seen leads me to believe that will be the case this time around. But take a look at how Sanders' addressed a question about that on TYT yesterday:

Uyger: But! You have convinced them that Hillary Clinton is the establishment candidate. If you were to lose, and the Democratic Party comes to you and says, "Okay, now take this movement, that is full of energy and is against the establishment, and make sure they vote for the establishment candidate," what do you say?

Sanders: Well, you know, what I say— Number One, I'm not big into [air quotes] being a leader. You know, I much prefer to see a lot of leaders, a lot of grassroots activism. Number Two, what we do is together, as a nation, as a growing movement, is we say, "All right, if we don't win"—and, by the way, we are in this thing to win; please understand that—"what is the Democratic establishment gonna do for us?"

Uyger: Oh, that's interesting.

Sanders: All right, for example: Right now, you have a Democratic establishment which has written off half the states in this country, you know that?

Uyger: Mm-hmm.

Sanders: And they've given up on the slate in the South, the Rocky Mountain area—are they gonna create a 50-state party? Are they gonna welcome into the Democratic Party the working class of this country and young people, or is it gonna be a party of the upper middle class and the cocktail crowd and the heavy campaign contributors? Which to a significant degree it is right now. You know, I've talked to Democratic Party leaders and said, "You know what? Instead of going around and raising all kinds of money from wealthy people, why don'tcha meet in some football stadium and bring out fifty, a hundred thousand people; bring the damn Senate in there, Senate Democrats, and start talking to people—ask them what they want you to do. How about that?" Better? Radical? So, in other words, if I can't make it, and we're gonna try as hard as we can 'til the last vote is cast, we wanna completely revitalize the Democratic Party, and make it a party of the people, rather than just one of large campaign contributors.


There's a ton to unpack right there (He's running for leader of the free world but isn't into being a leader?), but I don't see word one about any support for the eventual nominee. Melissa's take down at the link is excellent.

As part of Hillary's "cocktail crowd", I naturally recoil at the notion of governing via stadium mob. Is that really where he plans to take his revolutionaries? He has just folded the significant Democratic majorities that already voted for Hillary Clinton into the opposition to his Movement. Of course, it's all as vague as his plans for an encampment beneath McConnell's window, but there isn't even a whiff of party unity in there. What am I missing?

Oregon Goveror Kate Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Bill Clinton makes surprise appearance at Powell's Books

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Former President Bill Clinton and Oregon Governor Kate Brown made a surprise appearance at Powell's Books in Portland on Monday afternoon.

Clinton stopped by the bookstore just before his scheduled speech in Vancouver.

Clinton is in town to campaign for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton


Talk about pivoting to the GE

Everybody's doing it-

All from today

This is the kind of sustained attack the GE candidate has to depend upon allies to make. Warren's a pragmatist and this will only help the likely nominee, Hillary.

Warren's especially valuable with any unity work to be done between candidate camps. That could be exactly what this A1 rate trolling is all about.
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