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Rose Siding

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You Just Think Your Thanksgiving Dinner With Con Relatives Will Be Bad

If you don't find it fun to keep up with the crazies (I do, a little) or if you don't see value in keeping up with the extreme element so eagerly embraced by the GOP, the following excerpts from a discussion at Teapartyorg.ning.com won't interest you.

Most of our families are diverse and some members earn from us perhaps a little more tolerance for, hmmm, eccentricities than we display generally. But we've learned where to draw our lines, right? Maybe some of you know worse than those quoted below, but hopefully you are few. So there's something for which to be grateful: these Americans (so far) won't be at your table!

the only weapon you have now till the next mid-term election is your wallet. Obama and the Liberals need all of those sales taxes to survive so if you're serious about being a Conservative prove it by conserving your spending habits and bury these Liberals once and for all . Without your sales tax dollars they can't keep giving away their free stuff. Don't you get it by now ?

Imagine trying to explain about sales taxes to Uncle Dan.

And here Juanita shares that she survived a recent close call-

You should have seen how fast the meter man was not in my back yard, and at his truck across the street talking on his phone! I believe in self-defense, and some of us need a little equalizing, Walther style. For about the 30 minutes this was all playing out, my heart was in my throat. I should have let my hound out, but didn't want her hurt.

Pass the potatoes?

Hurricane Sandy postponed the UN meeting in America, that is to decide the fate of our guns... until March. We only have until March to start holding the ones that are allowing the destruction of our country accountable. That is it! The windows are closing... soon.

OK, ok, ok, I hear ya; Cuzin Leslie Rose might be fun.

Oh wait, no she won't be-

Thomas Jefferson proved that a lot of full - Blacks can not be brought up to higher standards... mentally. He loved black people and tried very hard to educate them and change their thinking. There are books written that have proven a lot of blacks operate at an IQ of only 70... which means they are mildly retarded. I like black people very much. They are the ones that will anyone on the streets that needs help... even before a white man will. The only problem is they can be influenced so easily... and by nature are lazy. In America... most black men were raised without Father's... due to the Gov encouraging women to have kids... and not have the fathers around... or their benefits are cut off. This has lead to a major crisis in America. That is why our jails are full of black men.
And... by the way... in jail is where these black men are being recruited to convert to the muslim faith. If you convert... you receive better food and treatment... and more. Then they are released back into the population. Talk about a huge problem that has been growing for years now! This is why we have to back Cain... West and all the other "Good" black men. This is also why they had to shoot Cain and West down... and many other Good Black men! They can't afford to lose what they have carefully cultivated. If the blacks knew they were being played by the commie white man... they would flip back over real quick!

Yeah, half way through the first sentence and we're remembering a can of soup in the cabinet at home that's sounding so good we can't find the car keys fast enough.

They get offended -offended- when it is suggested that racism is rampant in the tea party, but from the same discussion-

In answer to your first question about why Blacks stay with the Democrats. I sincerely believe that it's because they are a stupid race of people. I know, I sound racist, but that's the way I feel. Their stupidity is demonstrated by their "culture" of improper English shuck & Jive talk; wearing pants with the crack of their butts showing; flashing gang signs; shooting up neighborhoods; demeaning any other Black kid who wants to get an education; not understanding that if you want to get ahead that you have to stop acting like an idiot, and having a racist attitude. Oh sure, there is that 5 % who break out of the Black "culture" mode, but the majority of Blacks seem to want to function at a lower level of society, and then complain about prejudice against them. If any particular group of people function on the level of gross stupidity, why would anyone with brain consider them to be anything but stupid? i.e.: Bill Cosby always tells it like it is. To bad most Blacks are too stupid to listen.

Quintessential racism with a Kapital KK. Fools and racists. And who is in charge?-

...Announce at your Thanksgiving dinner table that you have joined the Founders Party. Simply sit back and watch what happens. Don't worry about answering questions...my mother still asks me "Who runs the Tea Party." I simply smile and say "We do."

Trouble adjusting? Me, too. So.....POLLS!!!11

This one advertises real bloodletting!

Here's a REALLY dramatic poll, er, Pole

Pola Negri was a Polish stage and film actress who achieved worldwide fame for her tragedienne and femme fatale roles from the 1910s through the 1940s during the Golden Era of Hollywood film.

And one involving the youth

This one's skewed

And, of course, Remember The Ladies............


Fun Fact re: WA State's New Gov Jay Inslee

It was at one of Jay's Town Hall's that Joe Wilson first publicly aspired to see Rove frog marched out of the White House.

It was August 2003. I was there and wrote about it-

...Jay Inslee put together a panel in his district to discuss Iraq and former ambassador Wilson was on it. Someone yelled out that they enjoyed him on the Daily Show -he said he had enjoyed doing it.

But my BIG news....One of the questions for him was about his wife and whether there is an investigation about that. He couched his answer in a hypothetical-

(I paraphrase until the last part)

"If that had happened and she isn't an agent, she would have much explaining to do to friends and business associates. It would be very inconvenient and could be seen as an intimidation of others who might speak in dissent toward the admin.

Were it true, lives could be put at risk. Were it true, there would be first an internal examination by the CIA- I assure you there are many professionals there that know what they are doing.

The FBI would then investigate- Even though Ashcroft is the AG, there are many professionals there as well. In that case, I would surely offer to be of any assistance to them that I could be.

Trust me when I say, nothing would please me more than seeing Karl Rove frog marched out of the White House in handcuffs -and when I use that name, I've measured my words"

The bold part is nearly verbatim -I wrote it down as soon as he said it. ROVE.


It took a long time for us to witness Rove's epic public humiliation. No handcuffs were involved but it was still quite enjoyable.

“The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, but It Bends Toward Justice”. ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Jay was a great congressman and will be a wonderful governor.

Pissed Donor Inadvertently Reveals Beltway Papers Run Planted Stories for 5 Grand

“They ran a 20th century campaign in the 21st century,” said one Romney bundler, frustrated that the campaign made assumptions about the youth vote and voter intensity that didn’t pan out. “The anger is that they were entrusted to do certain things. It’s not like they were paid a $5,000 retainer to get a few dozen articles in an inside-the-Beltway paper. This is the major leagues.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1112/83549.html#ixzz2BeiIqprV

Sounds pretty standard, doesn't it? Minor league, even, the guy says.

So, get an operative on retainer for $5K, who then somehow convinces a paper to run a favored piece, maybe send some talkers out on cable to advance the theme and you're half way to designing reality.

That was working really well for wealthy conservatives over the last decade or so. We watched it again and again. I just never realized how cheaply it could be done. At any rate, that whole racket may have ended. No wonder they're furious!

Here, Tomasky's theory offers one explanation:

...But then at some point, the majority of Americans stopped buying conservative bullshit. It must have been after Iraq. And Katrina. But now, conservatives can't make surrealities come true just by saying so.

The catch is that big chunks of the media haven't caught up with the public. So, even though conservatives complain that reporters are liberal, and even though many may in fact be, most reporters also just kind of assume that conservatives, who come from the heartland and the South and speaking in American accents and tend to have gone to more proletarian kinds of universities, must surely have a firmer grasp of the American pulse.

They most certainly do not. But reporters assume they do, and they buy conservatives' spin. And so up to Election Day, many mainstream reporters bought the idea that the race was tight as a tick. But it never was. Never. It was pretty close for about 12 days, from Oct. 3 to Oct. 15 or so. Then it wasn't again.


Based On Maher's Joke, Not Racist Tea Party Prepares For Race War

The Headline:
Bill Maher: If you are thinking about voting for Romney: "black people know who you are and they will come after you"

Maher went on to say he was kidding. Twice. But that wasn't included in the OP at Tea Party Command Center, eliciting the following comments.

White people are wealthier, better educated, better armed, have massively more police and military experience and outnumber black people more than six to one. How do you think this would really turn out for black people?

Let the progressives start a real fight

The cities are filled with useless eaters that are clueless enough to come seeking revenge
What they will get is a lesson in soil conservation { how to be fertilizer }

To think these people are grown, and were born on our soil!! They now are all treasonists, espescially, if we can't get their 'COMMON SENCE', swithched on!! I now boycot N.B.C.,A.B.C. and C.B.S. NEWS!!! I am going to get the word out to boycot all IVY LEAGUE ,and any school, that have ingrown LIBRAL/SOCIALIST teachers, in them!!!!!!!!! We have to get our school sytem righted!! Ever wonder why they had painted school houses red? Guess this is the reason!!.....

I'm pretty sure that last poster began his school boycott a long time ago.

I was visiting Las Vegas last Tuesday for a reunion with old classmates from out-of-State. I was following the GPS instructions supposedly leading me to a car wash. In the process, I found myself deep into a very low class Black neighborhood. I suppose that it could be classified as a slum. There were cars stopped on the street and quite a few thug looking characters socializingon the sidewalk. I thought, "My bumper stickers are going to fire these people up." On the back of my trunk lid are two bumper stickers. The larger than average size sticker says, "OBAMA...when stupid people vote." The other sticker says, "FORWARD, off a cliff." At a glance, they look like pro-Obama stickers. That's what they must have assumed because nobody took a shot at me. That's what I was expecting. Funny when I think about it.

LOL. Well I'm sure glad you made it out of there in one piece! Hell they are probably Illiterate and so the only word they knew on the stickers were "Obama"!

One of the New Black Panthers is going to take this bigot, Bill Maher out for this racist remark. So, that is what Bill Maher thinks of Black people. Someone should educate Bill Maher with a statistic of how many white people have bought guns and conceal carry in the last year.

I'm going outside right now to hang an empty chair from the front of my garage to make it easier for them to find me. Wouldn't want any of them to get eyestrain in the search, right?

We here in my state have had a shortage of fertilizer, I have 10 tons of lime just waiting on the fertilizer< quilify in the top 3 every 6 months, U.S.M.C SP.O .....M.G. RETIRED> many many MO'S, 3 tours and I am still here must not be so easy to kill, SO PLEASE BRING IT ON !!!!!!, I AM READY DO YOU NEED TO BORROW ONE OF MINE JUST TO MAKE IT FAIR??? ABSOLUTLY NO PUNT OR DISRESPECT OF THE DECENT HARD WORKING BLACK PEOPLE WHO HAVE A BRAIN, THIS IS NOT A SKIN COLOR ISSUE THIS IS STUPPIDITTY!!!

No, of course it has nothing to do with skin color. There are plenty of Bring It!s and Oh, Please!es. Over a joke. A joke.

"They think you're dumb and I think you're smart"

Clinton said that tonight. So simple but what a sterling example of brilliantly effective public speaking.

That kind of plain-spoken truth just sneaks up on you. Of course that's what everyone needs to hear! Of course that's it.
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