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Rose Siding

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Kimmel assists Hillary: Double blind manspainers busted

They both completely get this. SO fun to see it brought into the light!

Traditionally, the losing candidates endorse the party's nominee

Most of what I've seen leads me to believe that will be the case this time around. But take a look at how Sanders' addressed a question about that on TYT yesterday:

Uyger: But! You have convinced them that Hillary Clinton is the establishment candidate. If you were to lose, and the Democratic Party comes to you and says, "Okay, now take this movement, that is full of energy and is against the establishment, and make sure they vote for the establishment candidate," what do you say?

Sanders: Well, you know, what I say— Number One, I'm not big into [air quotes] being a leader. You know, I much prefer to see a lot of leaders, a lot of grassroots activism. Number Two, what we do is together, as a nation, as a growing movement, is we say, "All right, if we don't win"—and, by the way, we are in this thing to win; please understand that—"what is the Democratic establishment gonna do for us?"

Uyger: Oh, that's interesting.

Sanders: All right, for example: Right now, you have a Democratic establishment which has written off half the states in this country, you know that?

Uyger: Mm-hmm.

Sanders: And they've given up on the slate in the South, the Rocky Mountain area—are they gonna create a 50-state party? Are they gonna welcome into the Democratic Party the working class of this country and young people, or is it gonna be a party of the upper middle class and the cocktail crowd and the heavy campaign contributors? Which to a significant degree it is right now. You know, I've talked to Democratic Party leaders and said, "You know what? Instead of going around and raising all kinds of money from wealthy people, why don'tcha meet in some football stadium and bring out fifty, a hundred thousand people; bring the damn Senate in there, Senate Democrats, and start talking to people—ask them what they want you to do. How about that?" Better? Radical? So, in other words, if I can't make it, and we're gonna try as hard as we can 'til the last vote is cast, we wanna completely revitalize the Democratic Party, and make it a party of the people, rather than just one of large campaign contributors.


There's a ton to unpack right there (He's running for leader of the free world but isn't into being a leader?), but I don't see word one about any support for the eventual nominee. Melissa's take down at the link is excellent.

As part of Hillary's "cocktail crowd", I naturally recoil at the notion of governing via stadium mob. Is that really where he plans to take his revolutionaries? He has just folded the significant Democratic majorities that already voted for Hillary Clinton into the opposition to his Movement. Of course, it's all as vague as his plans for an encampment beneath McConnell's window, but there isn't even a whiff of party unity in there. What am I missing?

Oregon Goveror Kate Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Bill Clinton makes surprise appearance at Powell's Books

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Former President Bill Clinton and Oregon Governor Kate Brown made a surprise appearance at Powell's Books in Portland on Monday afternoon.

Clinton stopped by the bookstore just before his scheduled speech in Vancouver.

Clinton is in town to campaign for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton


Talk about pivoting to the GE

Everybody's doing it-

All from today

This is the kind of sustained attack the GE candidate has to depend upon allies to make. Warren's a pragmatist and this will only help the likely nominee, Hillary.

Warren's especially valuable with any unity work to be done between candidate camps. That could be exactly what this A1 rate trolling is all about.

Hillary and all 3 Repub. candidates in DC tonight for CNN "Event"

It's a town hall-type event. Sanders won't show but will be interviewed "from the campaign trail". Could exhaustion or funding issues be at play?

Hillary up by 48 pts in New York

Clinton, who was twice elected as a New York senator, locked up wins in five more states on Tuesday, extending her delegate lead. She's favored by 48 points over Sanders, 71 percent to 23 percent, to win the New York primary on April 19, according to the Emerson poll.

The survey of 768 likely general election voters in New York, which traditionally favors Democrats, was conducted March 14–16 via landlines with a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.


She also lead Trump by 55 to 36.

Have you wondered what a Trump v Clinton debate would look like?

NYT: Obama Privately Tells Donors That Time Is Coming to Unite Behind Hillary Clinton

MARCH 17, 2016

In unusually candid remarks, President Obama privately told a group of Democratic donors last Friday that Senator Bernie Sanders is nearing the point where his campaign against Hillary Clinton will come to an end, and that the party must soon come together to back her.......

Mr. Obama made the remarks after reporters had left a fund-raising event in Austin, Tex., for the Democratic National Committee. The comments were described by three people in the room for the event, all of whom were granted anonymity to describe a candid moment with the president. The comments were later confirmed by a White House official..........

Mr. Obama chose his words carefully, and did not explicitly call on Mr. Sanders to depart the race, according to those in the room. Still, those in attendance said in interviews that they took his comments as a signal to Mr. Sanders that perpetuating his campaign, which is now an uphill climb, could only help the Republicans recapture the White House..........

Those in attendance described an urgency in Mr. Obama’s tone as he suggested that Democrats needed to come together to prevent an opening for the Republicans, whose leading candidate is Donald J. Trump, to exploit....

But, while he stressed that he was not endorsing either candidate, and that both would make good presidents, Mr. Obama went on to lavish praise on Mrs. Clinton, describing her as smart, tough and experienced, and said that she would continue the work of his administration. Mr. Sanders has very publicly criticized Mr. Obama on certain policies and has called for a “political revolution.”


So there was a campaign conference call today with reporters

These are tweets from reporters who were on a Sanders campaign call today:

First, from an MSNBC political reporter-
Alex Seitz-WaldVerified account
On "Path Forward" call, Sanders strategist Tad Devine notes pledged delegates are not always obligated to vote as pledged...

Alex Seitz-Wald ‏@aseitzwald 2h2 hours ago
Devine: "It is not a matter of delegate arithmetic"

Alex Seitz-Wald ‏@aseitzwald 2h2 hours ago
Devine says campaign does not "at the moment" plan to try to flip Clinton delegates to Sanders, but notes that it is technically possible.

Those are Clinton's pledged delegates -not supers- for which there is not "at the moment" a plan to flip to Sanders.

Time political reporter-
Zeke MillerVerified account
Sanders camp now arguing that state laws binding dels can't be enforced. Not sure of the law, but not an argument you want to have to make

NYT elections reporter-
Nate Cohn ‏@Nate_Cohn 1h1 hour ago Manhattan, NY
It's weird how quickly Team Sanders went from arguing about super dels to arguing that pledged delegates aren't legally bound to the winner

That doesn't sound fair. Or Democratic. Revolutions frequently aren't

Hillary Clinton on President Obama's nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to SCOTUS

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