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Rose Siding

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God I love Howard Dean

Brian Williams -not sure why they gave him a show- asked Gov Dean if he was hearing concern from any Dem insiders about Hillary.

Howard said "Not from anyone I respect".

I hope Axelrod was watching.

GOP Rep: HRC is "mentally impaired", "special needs"

Gohmert today at the ridiculously named "Value Voters Summit"-

"A true believer does what Jesus did ... you don't make fun of people who are impaired, have special needs, and whether you like her or not, Hillary Clinton's made clear, she is mentally impaired," Gohmert joked, to some laughter from the crowd.
Seemingly invoking conspiracy theories about Clinton's health that have been debunked, Gohmert referenced a concussion Clinton sustained in a fall in 2012 as his guess for the start of her "impairment."

"Maybe it was the concussion, the fall back when she did, or maybe who knows, they won't tell us what really is going on with her, but if I were going to smash cell phones, BlackBerrys, I'd use a two-pound sledge," he said, referring to a recent FBI report that said at least one of her phones as secretary of state was destroyed with a hammer. "Maybe someone got to whaling around, hit her again. We ought to be praying for Hillary Clinton. There's special needs there -- mental impairment."
"That was not a proper thing to say, because again, I'm making fun of the mentally impaired and that's not right," he said.


Since Trump loosed them from those odious shackles of political correctness, there is no line they won't cross. They revel in the ugly diminishing of groups to which they need to feel superior.

"I'm not Barack Obama. I'm not Bill Clinton"

Love her.

He said she doesn't look presidential. Her camp responds...

I heard him say he thinks he does look presidential. But no...

Today I celebrate our candidate, a good woman who will be a great president

In case anyone is buying our broken media's interpretation of what is important, this should help.

If you're buying the narrative that a month spent raising over 180 million dollars, releasing policy on mental health and pharma price gouging and calling out Trump for his decades long history of racism is somehow "hiding" or "guilt tripping", take a look at this for some perspective.

And if you should ever find it hard to defend this woman, step back and try really, really hard to see the bigger picture. Take a look-

She's already changed the world. Lucky for us, she's still at it.

WP: An innocent black man was punched, Tasered. arrested by police officers. A jury awarded him $18

DeShawn Franklin was asleep in his bedroom when police officers barged in.
He was punched several times, including three times in the face.
He was also Tasered, dragged out of his bedroom, handcuffed and placed in a police car.
Earlier this month, a jury found that the officers violated Franklin’s constitutional rights by arresting him and entering his family’s home without a warrant....
The jury ordered each of the defendants to pay Franklin and his parents $1 for the violations of their rights. The total award was $18 in damages.
The same three officers involved in the Franklin lawsuit were named in a 2013 case filed by Jonathan Ferguson, a 7-Eleven store clerk with a learning disability. According to a federal complaint, the officers slashed Ferguson’s tire, and two of them challenged him to eat a teaspoon of cinnamon in exchange for $30 and a dinner coupon at a local Applebee’s. Ferguson did, and he vomited for several hours.

The officers took a video of the “cinnamon challenge,” as it had become locally known, and posted it on YouTube, according to the complaint. The parties have reached a settlement in that lawsuit.


Today I read that the admirable chief of the Dallas police is retiring. Something like this drives home that loss.

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