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Member since: 2001
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it's also just plain against "community standards"

to call another DUer a liar ... even if they are.

I went to some lengths in this very forum a few days ago to explain how to use the Google Images Search function. I also figure pretty much everybody here knows how to right-click on a picture posted and view the source. Does anybody really think I'm stupid enough to try to pull that kind of a fast one?

What I am stupid enough for is to have no bleeding idea how to get a picture from the $30 digital camera the co-vivant got me for xmas to replace the good one stolen along with my purse at the grocery store into a thread at DU. No idea. Even if I wanted to post a picture of my own leg and cast ... which are infinitely more delicate and ladylike than that one, of course. And my furniture and throw pillows actually exhibit some taste.

We all know it wouldn't matter what I said at this place, let alone produced sworn eye-witness evidence to prove. Don't we? Power has been achieved and must be flaunted. All our base are belong to ... well, we all know.

Funny how I'm such a devious smartie and such a moron at the same time, is all I can say about that one!

and now in other news ... well they ain't gonna have iverglas to kick around for a while!

But if they try, they might just get a taste of

because that's what I'll have handy for the foreseeable future.

Covering up approximately this (this is what a fibula looks like when it belongs to a very clumsy person):

temporarily, while I await the call from the "walking wounded" office (ha, very funny) with an appointment for surgery to put the plate and screws in, sometime in the next few days. Then I'll be laid up for a month.

Yes, I spent 8 hours loitering around the ER getting xrayed and poked and ignored yesterday, and a big old cast is all I got for my troubles. But hell, all the bones I've broken in my life, and I've spent three months in traction, but I've never had a cast, so it's a thrilling new experience. Actually, the thought of 6 weeks in a state of loss of autonomy is depressing as hell, but whaddaya do.

I'm supposed to be languishing on my fainting couch with the vapours (brought on by drugs of course) at this very moment, so I'm gonna go do that. Star Trek reruns, here I come.
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