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Latin America (Group)

This is a group, not a forum. Groups often serve as safe havens for members who share similar interests and viewpoints. Individuals who post messages contrary to a particular group's stated purpose can be excluded from posting in that group. For detailed information about this group and its purpose, click here.
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IADB cancels China meeting after Beijing bars Venezuela representative 0 Eugene 13 min ago 13 min ago 0 37
Judge scrutinizes Trump's policy shift on asylum seekers 0 Eugene 26 min ago 26 min ago 0 30
South American presidents announce creation of new regional bloc 0 Eugene 4 hrs ago 4 hrs ago 1 111
California Once Targeted Latinas for Forced Sterilization 0 Judi Lynn 15 hrs ago 15 hrs ago 4 152
Chile: retired soldiers sentenced over 1986 attack on activists burned alive 1 Judi Lynn 16 hrs ago 15 hrs ago 5 160
Britain's Prince Charles heads to Cuba amid US tensions 0 Judi Lynn 17 hrs ago 17 hrs ago 3 108
U.S. threatens to derail meeting of Latam lender if China bars Venezuela 0 Eugene 19 hrs ago 19 hrs ago 1 112
Venezuela: Why Was the Pemon Massacre Ignored by Mainstream Media Outlets? 0 MRubio 21 hrs ago 21 hrs ago 2 189
For asylum seekers in Mexico, U.S. judge asks, 'How does the court serve them?' 0 Eugene Yesterday Yesterday 2 118
Citigroup to sell Venezuelan gold in setback to President Maduro: sources 3 Eugene Yesterday Yesterday 1 190
America imported no oil from Venezuela last week. 4 MRubio Yesterday Yesterday 1 225
Maduro upped the ante 9 MRubio Yesterday Yesterday 4 273
Michel Temer: Brazil's former president arrested just two months after far-right Bolsonaro took powe 0 Judi Lynn Yesterday Yesterday 5 189
Keiko Fujimori refuses to speak to corruption prosecutor 0 Judi Lynn Yesterday Yesterday 1 205
Trump to meet with Caribbean leaders at Mar-a-Lago 1 Eugene Wednesday 5 hrs ago 0 119
U.S. Senator Rubio visits Haiti amid political crisis there 0 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 0 69
Popularity of Bolsonaro government plummets in Brazil: Ibope poll 0 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 1 148
Court to rule Duque abused power in rejecting war crimes tribunal bill: reports 0 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 1 86
Mayo-born 'Rosary priest' helped CIA bring about 1964 coup in Brazil 0 Judi Lynn Wednesday Wednesday 2 117
Widow of murdered Mexico journalist was surveillance target days after death 1 Eugene Wednesday Wednesday 2 124
Human Rights Watch: Macri's targeting judge probing extortion ring threatens judicial independence 3 sandensea Wednesday Yesterday 1 115
Jamaica To Temporarily Close Venezuelan Embassy 0 MRubio Wednesday Wednesday 0 140
U.N. rights boss decries Venezuela crackdown; says sanctions may worsen crisis 16 Eugene Wednesday 13 hrs ago 1 244
Venezuela's opposition-controlled legislature makes new military offer 0 MRubio Tuesday Tuesday 1 194
Guatemalan judge issues arrest order for ex-attorney general 0 Eugene Tuesday Tuesday 1 91
How the Maduro Regime Hides the Collapse of Healthcare from a UN Mission 1 MRubio Tuesday Tuesday 1 105
IMF approves release of $11 billion loan for Argentina - part of a record $56 billion bailout 2 sandensea Tuesday Wednesday 3 79
Venezuelan steelmaker Sidor shuts all operations after energy blackout 2 MRubio Tuesday Tuesday 1 128
Indigenous land activist shot dead in Costa Rica 6 Eugene Tuesday Tuesday 2 130
U.S.-Russia talks on Venezuela stall over role of Maduro 2 Eugene Tuesday Wednesday 2 149
Sanctions Against Venezuelan Gold Sector 2 MRubio Tuesday Tuesday 0 119
Haiti parliament ousts prime minister in no-confidence vote 0 Eugene Tuesday Tuesday 1 87
Venezuelan opposition seizes diplomatic offices in U.S.; Maduro official warns of "reciprocal" actio 1 Eugene Tuesday Tuesday 2 89
Two Socialists Elected In Neuqun Province, Argentina 0 Judi Lynn Tuesday Tuesday 1 87
Brazil's Labor Unions Prepare for War with Far-Right President Jair Bolsanaro 0 Judi Lynn Tuesday Tuesday 1 74
Venezuela suspends oil exports to India 0 MRubio Tuesday Tuesday 0 177
Mexico warns Canadian mining companies of increased scrutiny 0 Judi Lynn Tuesday Tuesday 1 138
Trump to nominate Washington lawyer Christopher Landau ambassador to Mexico: White House 0 Eugene Tuesday Tuesday 1 79
'One of the World's Most Respected Intelligence Agencies': Bolsonaro's Bring-Your-Son-to-the-CIA Day 0 Judi Lynn Tuesday Tuesday 1 95
Brazil's pres Bolsonaro, wooing Trump, opens base to US rockets 0 Judi Lynn Tuesday Tuesday 1 96
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Visited the CIA During His Trip to the U.S. 0 Judi Lynn Tuesday Tuesday 1 85
Bolsonaro touts 'changed', U.S.-friendly Brazil to Washington 0 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 1 87
Ex-Peru president Alejandro 'El Cholo' Toledo arrested in US for drunkenness 0 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 1 94
Inside the August plot to kill Maduro with drones 0 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 1 137
Why are Venezuelans seeking refuge in crypto-currencies? 6 Zorro Monday Tuesday 1 166
Right-Wing Representatives Disrupt Ceremony Honoring Marielle Franco With Barking Sounds 0 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 1 209
Bolsonaro Says He Sleeps With A Gun Next To His Bed 0 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 1 118
Attempt to assassinate Venezuela's Maduro was planned in Colombia: CNN 8 Judi Lynn Monday Tuesday 1 156
2nd witness claiming Uribe founded death squad wants to testify before war crimes tribunal 0 Judi Lynn Monday Monday 1 116
Venezuela opposition takes control of diplomatic properties in U.S. 4 MRubio Monday Tuesday 1 189
'It Is Unspeakable': How Maduro Used Cuban Doctors to Coerce Venezuela Voters 0 Bacchus4.0 Monday Monday 2 124
Colombia: 1,000 Venezuelan forces crossed border since Feb. 0 MRubio Monday Monday 0 111
Massive Blackout Hits Venezuela's Caracas Again, Reason Behind Outage Unknown 1 MRubio Monday Monday 0 103
U.S.-sanctioned Venezuelan general defects to Colombia: sources 0 MRubio Monday Monday 0 124
Vietnam's graft hunters zero in on Venezuela oil project 0 MRubio Monday Monday 0 155
McQuilling to scrap all tanker contracts with Venezuela's PDVSA 0 MRubio Monday Monday 1 103
This message was self-deleted by its author 0 Bacchus4.0 Monday Monday 0 32
"Hands off Venezuela" March in Washington: Background and RepercussionsIs Trump Trumping the Monroe 0 Judi Lynn Sunday Sunday 6 202
Brazil's Bolsonaro heads to US to strengthen economic and military cooperation 0 Judi Lynn Sunday Sunday 2 86
Catholic Church criticizes amnesty proposal in El Salvador 5 Judi Lynn Sunday Monday 1 154
Veterans Call on U.S. Troops to Resist Illegal Orders to Invade Venezuela 4 Judi Lynn Sunday Sunday 10 404
Venezuela's Maduro asks entire Cabinet to resign amid political tensions 2 MRubio Sunday Monday 1 163
US eliminates coveted 5-year tourist visa for Cubans 2 Eugene Sunday Sunday 7 311
Venezuela: power returns after blackout but normal service may be a long way off 1 Eugene Sunday Sunday 2 104
Rupee payment for Venezuelan oil under consideration 0 MRubio Sunday Sunday 0 157
Venezuelan plane crash caught on VIDEO from inside 10 MRubio Sunday Monday 0 342
'It Is Unspeakable': How Maduro Used Cuban Doctors to Coerce Venezuela Voters 2 MRubio Sunday Sunday 2 211
Bachelet urges El Salvadors legislators to refrain from reinstating amnesty for serious human right 0 Judi Lynn Sunday Sunday 1 113
The Horrific Long-Term Consequences of Regime Change 0 Judi Lynn Sunday Sunday 4 117
U.S. suspends some military aid to Guatemala over 'misuse' of vehicles 0 Judi Lynn Sunday Sunday 2 121
I went inside a Colombian 'youth camp' run by anti-abortion activists 2 Judi Lynn Sunday Sunday 7 307
U.S. citizen sentenced in Peru to 27 years over sex abuse ring 0 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 3 190
Argentinian doctors accused of subjecting 11-year-old girl to horrific ordeal in forcing her to have 4 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 5 352
Rubio's Gloating Betrays US Sabotage in Venezuela Power Blitz 4 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 2 183
ViernesTradicional highlights and safeguards Mexico's rich cultural diversity found in clothing 0 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 3 107
'Racism is the shackles holding back our Republic,' says Brazilian anthropologist Lilia Moritz Schwa 1 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 2 100
DHL Express: Prohibited Commodities for Venezuela 1 MRubio Saturday Saturday 1 181
Lenin Moreno's Betrayal 0 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 2 153
Brazil's new president is tweeting so much crazy stuff that he's giving Trump a run for his money 0 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 2 200
Prince Charles to become first British royals to visit Cuba 0 Judi Lynn Saturday Saturday 2 113
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